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Yeah, yeah

Everyone fell off the wagon.

But now that school has started, I don’t want to hear any excuses about how you don’t have time. Believe me, I understand being stretched for time. I get it. SO, other than my blatant accusations about your laziness, how is everyone doing?

Also, while in the middle of moving, I got a couple requests from people that wanted to join and now? I can’t find them. I know that Tobymine was one, and then maybe someone else? Hmmm. Point is, email me again and I’ll work some magic for you.  (

Now, to update you all on my fluffiness.

I’m working on it. Actually, I’m working without hardly doing anything because I just moved into a split level house and the laundry is down and the kitchen is up. Also, my house is on a hill. Therefore, after any errand, I have to haul my purchase and 4 kids up an entire flight of stairs x however many trips it takes. And, if we want clean clothes it’s up and down and up and down and up and down again.

But I’ve also made an effort to eat better. I sat down with my family, layed out all the weight watcher’s cookbooks I have, and asked “What do you want to eat?”

I made a menu plan, and went grocery shopping and have been cooking up a storm. It’s a lot easier to make dinner when I know what to expect. And since I involve my kids in the preparation process, they’re super excited to eat dinner because “I maded ‘dis!”

So, that’s where I’m at, my fluffy chicka’s. How ’bout you?

P.S. I have only had ONE Dr. Pepper this WEEK.  That in itself is an enormous accomplishment. Now I’m really done.


Fluffbusters: Week 7

Well, hey there. After all my griping, I ended up winning again this week. Another case of how in the heck did that happen? But I lost an amazing 13.8 pounds. THIRTEEN POUNDS. Go me. My next magic trick will be keeping it off. Here’s the progress for the week.





Amy 215 +2
Apple 149.6 Same -7.6
Bonnie 199.9 -4.1
Jen 194.2 +1.2 -2.0
Jill 201 -4
Julia 223 -7.0
Kamaile 226.8 -1.4
Karen 202.8 -6.2
Kris 272 +1
Liz 171.4 -3.1
MomBabe 201.2 -13.8 -16.6
Monica 129.1 -2
Nichole 169 -2.0
Nicki 193 -9.0
Randi 147 -1.0
Shar 222
Shelly 244 -3.0
Susan 180
Toni 304 -1.0

Also, this coming Saturday is the last weigh in. After that, I think we’ll take a week off and start the whole process again. The weigh-in day will be Monday this next time, because I think it’s easier for people to remember on Monday, especially since most of you blog at work 😉

Anyways, keep up the good work ladies! How was the last week of No Soda? This week, your mission is to exercise daily. Be it 10 minutes, or 60. Keep moving girls!

By: The MomBabe

Man oh man. I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated with numbers, and doctors, and medicine, and exercise, and myself. I’m frustrated that I’m working so hard,  and not seeing results. Do you know we’re in the seventh week of fluffbusters? We are. And while I won last week with a loss of three pounds, it’s because I fluctuate between the same 10 pounds. So I’m not really any further down than I was 7 weeks ago. That’s frustrating.

I’ve had lots of doctor’s appointments lately. The good news is that my endocronologist thinks he may finally have my thyroid stuff under control. The bad thing is, that while the thyroid will damage your metaboloism and such, fixing it won’t magically make you lose all the pounds that it caused.

Then I had the fabulous well woman exam with my OB/GYN. It pretty much went like this “You’re too young to have all these problems. blah-de-dah. Let’s get  Ultrasounds! and Blood Work! and CT Scans! Hoorah!” And now I go back next week to see if he has an actual answer or if it’s another one of the “well, it looks normal here, but that doesn’t make any sense?”

Because, you see, my fluffy friends, I specialize in being a medical malady. I like to get weird problems that nobody knows the answer to and then when they finally determine the problem, they like to say things like “Huh. That’s odd. You’re too young to be having these problems.!” And they say it like that ! with the exc!amation point that’s all “This is so very strange and so very cool and I haven’t ever seen this in a 26 year old woman and I! am! going! to! be! in! the! history! books!!!!”

But I’m getting besides myself. Because the other thing that my Endo AND my OB/GYN casually mentioned was a LapBand.  Did you hear me?  A LAPBAND.

And on the one hand, wow, that would be kinda nice. And that is kinda wonderful that they know that I’m trying and trying and not seeing results. But it’s kinda frustrating. Because it’s like they’re both telling me I CAN’T do it on my own.  And in my eyes, it’s like they saying, you might as well give up because honey, without medical intervention, that ass is going NOWHERE.

The best part suckiest thing about this is that my insurance doesn’t cover things like that. Well, not without good cause. Which means if that’s the route I choose to take, then I have to play insurance games. And I hate playing insurance games.

I also hate that if they don’t decide I need it, and they aren’t going to pay for it, it means I give up. Because I feel like giving up.  As much as I hate being overweight, I don’t have it in me. I don’t have the strength to diet and exercise so that I can ?maybe? lose a pound.

I don’t have it in me, to count calories, and cut carbs, and wake up at 5:00. For NOTHING.

I feel like I’m the fattest fit person ever. I can probably run longer than you can. I can bench press more than you. Inside, I’m an athlete. It’s just hiding behind my fluffiness.

Anyways. Do any of you have experience with the whole LapBand/insurance thing? Because if I gotta start playing games, I want to talk strategy.

Fluffbusters: Week Three

by MomBabe

Looks like I’M the biggest loser this week, down 6.8 pounds! I’d like to thank Mr. Disney and his massive theme parks. I walked at least 10 miles every day while pushing 150 pounds of stroller/children.





Alison 208.7
Amy 213
Apple 155.6 +2.4 -1.6
Bonnie 199.9 -4.1 -4.1
Jen 196.2 -1 -0
Jill 202 -1 -3
Julia 224 -6.0
Kamaile 228.2 No change -0
Karen 204.8 No change -4.2
Kris 268 -3 -3
Liz 171.4 No change -3.1
Marissa 193.2 -4.8
MomBabe 208.8 -6.8 -9.0
Monica 129.1 -2 -2
Nichole 169 -2.0
Nicki 193 -9.0
Randi 147 -1.0
Sarah 271
Shar 222
Shelly 246 No change -1.0
Susan 180
Tenille 258 No change -11.0
Toni 304 -1.0

Challenge for upcoming week: Eat a salad every day. Don’t care what kind. Fruit salad, green salad, (you should probably skip the pasta salad) whatever floats your boat…. How’d everyone do with the water challenge? I had a hard time because I always get dehydrated on vacation, despite my best efforts….. How’d you do?