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So Sore

posted by Toni

I am the poster child for couch potatoes.  My favorite activities are reading, movies, napping and snacking.  Is it any wonder that A. I’m overweight  B. I have no life.

Actually, my life is very entrenched in the schedules of my children, which I have tried to get involved in lots of active activities so that they don’t become couch potatoes.  But my responsibilities are driving and sitting on camp chairs while I cheer.  Still somewhat of a veg state.  Which is why I paid for someone to torture me and call it personal training.

I haven’t done sit ups since I started having children 21 years ago.  Yesterday I did 400 crunches.  That is 400 people!  Oh yes, I know.  I have been working up to it.  Yes, I also know that 400 probably isn’t really all that many.  But for me it is tremendous, and I did 400 after doing nothing for 21 years.

Today I have a stiff torso and my neck muscles hurt!!!  What’s up with that?  I thought I was working my abs, not my neck.  Is this how newborns feel after trying to lift their heads on their floppy little necks? 

Every week either my legs hurt, or my arms, or my torso.  I ask my Nazi PT if my muscles will ever stop being sore.  He just kind of laughs an evil laugh under his breath, feigns empathy and says “No, I’m afraid not.”

Sigh — I need a book and a bag of chocolates.


Dragging My Carcass To The Blog

Posted by Toni

How did I ever find the time to blog before?  It seems I don’t have a minute to myself anymore.  Where did all that free time go?  Oh yeah, I remember, I gave it all to my nazi personal trainer.

Yes, I still submit myself to his tortures.  Yes, I am still humiliated as he laughs at my pain.  I even “high-five” him at the end of our hour as I drag myself out the door, whimpering, wondering if I can lift myself up into my Suburban, and somehow raise my arms enough to grab the steering wheel and get myself home.

Why do I do this?  After all, my nazi PT is merely 21 years old, still a runny-nosed kid only slightly older than my dear Tinkerbell.  I’m old enough to be this boy’s mother!  And yet I dutifully obey him as he gives me impossible tasks to perform.  And while my arms are trembling, and my legs feel like I have lava in my veins, and while I am wheezing walking at 3 mph at an incline of 25, he grins and says “It’s only because I love ya!  And the best part is that you are paying me to do this to you!”  The only thing that makes me feel better during this hour is knowing that he is even more torturous to my sweet Nacho, and when I get to hop off the treadmill two minutes sooner than Nacho, it feels so great to say in a sing-song voice “Neener, neener, neener!”

So why do I do this?  Because, my friends, I am seeing results.  Yes!  I have lost 13 pounds, gained tons of muscle, I feel stronger, and my clothes are starting to hang – this after five weeks.

So I guess I will wipe his runny nose, knock him upside the head when he needs it, give him motherly advise, and submit myself to his exercises for another three months. 

Low-Carbing It

Posted by Toni

For the past few weeks, hubby and I have been trying to cut out all grains (not a permanent thing, just like a jump-start to metabolism) and starchy products like potatoes.  It really hasn’t been too bad, at least not as bad as I thought it would be.  Instead of making burritos, we have lettuce wraps (which I feel we make just as good as P.F. Chang’s), instead of sandwiches for lunch, we have salads.

So last night we had hamburgers.  And french fries.  Hamburgers weren’t really a challenge.  We made a low-fat bleu cheese sauce to go on the hamburger patty, which was way more delicious than a regular hamburger on a bun.  But the incredible part was the french fries.

We have been substituting sweet potatoes for regular potatoes.  Last night we cut them into fries and put them in a ziplock bag with some olive oil, seasoned salt and cinnamon.  After shake-shake-shaking them, we baked them.  They were absolutely delicious.  Much tastier than regular fries, however not as crunchy.

It has been a very tasty experience as we have looked for low-fat substitutes to our very carbohydrate-laden way of eating.  Only two more weeks of no grains, and then we plan to only have whole grains, on a limited basis.

Progress At Last

By Toni

It seems I have been losing the same eight pounds for six months.  I thought I was walking my fanny off, but apparently not.  However, my ankles slowly revealed themselve again.  But if I ate the wrong thing, or it was the wrong time of the month, my ankles would disappear once more along with any weightloss victory I had achieved.

Two weeks ago my sweet hubby signed us up with a personal trainer.  I was scared to death to start, and after the first week I understood my fear as I hobbled around with sore muscles, trying to get the nerve up even to try to sit on the toilet seat, and then I had to give myself a pep talk to get back up off it.  My muscles were screaming at me for the years of neglect they had received.  And to top it off, after our first visit as we were walking out the door, our trainer yelled “Oh yeah, no grains.  Stay off of grains.”

This week I am not so sore, all my water weight is gone, the original eight pounds, plus four more have come off.  I am moving around easier than I have in years.  I am feeling more confident about myself.

I thought that I would share with you another tool I am using.  It is a website called “Refuse to Regain”.  It is aimed at those who have lost their weight and are now working on maintenance.  But I have found it to be helpful to me as I’m working on losing the weight.  It is helping me to understand that this is not just a phase until I lose my weight, but it is a lifelong process of being healthy, a life change.  Click here to visit that site. You may not agree with everything, but it certainly gives you something to think about, some new ideas to help us along our journey.

Four weeks down, about a bazillion left!

A note from Toni:

Today is the fourth week anniversary of walking consistently with a partner.  Two more weeks and it’s a habit, right?  Hopefully it will become one of those habits where I’m absolutely driven to do it and I can’t live without it, like my life is way off balance if I miss exercising and nothing goes right until I walk.  If it does become like that, it will be the first time ever in my 45 years of life!

I recently heard a talk from a gal that claims she “loves, loves, loves exercise”.  She majored in some sort of phys ed degree, teaches phys ed at a community college, is a personal trainer, and she is in fantastic shape.  I believe that she loves exercise, I just don’t understand that kind of fanaticism. 

So today after walking, I noticed that my heart rate didn’t sky rocket out of the recommended range, my muscles aren’t sore anymore, my blisters are almost healed, and I rebounded quicker after the walk.  I also am finding more energy to weed, do dishes and laundry, chase after my 2-yr-old.  My leg muscles are feeling stronger.  I’m scared to say it, but I may be ready to kick it up a notch.  Just please don’t let my walking partner know that.  She’s already trying to kill me!

Can I Whine and Be Mad a Minute?!

I’m coming here because I know you will make me feel better. I’m trying all my self talk too.

I was feeling pretty good about my efforts.

A. I have been successful in sticking to a walking routine for four weeks, and I have a partner who will continue to walk with me and help me push my limits. I’m feeling stronger and happy about how I’m trying to change.

B. I haven’t been able to stick to a diet, but I am trying to make better choices and trying to wean myself off of the foods I crave and turn to for comfort (one of the reasons I’m writing now instead of eating).

C. I was gradually losing, was up to sixteen pounds gone. I was (am) really looking forward to continuing the trend of losing.

However, over one weekend I shot up 7.8 pounds!!!!!! This morning I was ready to throw my hands up, throw in the towel and agree with the negative side of me that says “It is so not worth the effort, you will just gain it all back anyway”.

Okay, I’m PMS-ing, I had chinese food this weekend, I haven’t been drinking water like I should.

Whew! I’m starting to feel better. I am going to take on the challenge of drinking more water. I’m going to keep walking. I’m going to make progressively better choices with my food intake. I am going to work my butt off (hopefully) to make biggest loser this week.

Thanks for letting me vent. You all are the greatest!

Cruising For Food

This past week I went on a Mexican Riviera Cruise for eight days.  I had a goal set to reach before I left, and I reached it.  I was so excited.  In fact, I was so excited that I took all my weight loss tools with me on the cruise and was determined to not be tempted by all the available, scrumptious food on a cruise.  I did so well the first two and a half days.  But it can be so difficult to figure out points when I’m not sure how they prepare the food.  So I put my point books away and enjoyed the food.  However, I did visit the on-board gym faithfully.

How did I do?  I don’t know.  I’m sitting here with a swollen left ankle (water retention from traveling) and feeling like I will probably have to work at getting back to where I was, and then continue on from there.  But I had fun, and I can begin again in the morning. Life is forgiving, and so must I be.  It will feel good to get back to eating healthy food and less rich food.