So Sore

posted by Toni

I am the poster child for couch potatoes.  My favorite activities are reading, movies, napping and snacking.  Is it any wonder that A. I’m overweight  B. I have no life.

Actually, my life is very entrenched in the schedules of my children, which I have tried to get involved in lots of active activities so that they don’t become couch potatoes.  But my responsibilities are driving and sitting on camp chairs while I cheer.  Still somewhat of a veg state.  Which is why I paid for someone to torture me and call it personal training.

I haven’t done sit ups since I started having children 21 years ago.  Yesterday I did 400 crunches.  That is 400 people!  Oh yes, I know.  I have been working up to it.  Yes, I also know that 400 probably isn’t really all that many.  But for me it is tremendous, and I did 400 after doing nothing for 21 years.

Today I have a stiff torso and my neck muscles hurt!!!  What’s up with that?  I thought I was working my abs, not my neck.  Is this how newborns feel after trying to lift their heads on their floppy little necks? 

Every week either my legs hurt, or my arms, or my torso.  I ask my Nazi PT if my muscles will ever stop being sore.  He just kind of laughs an evil laugh under his breath, feigns empathy and says “No, I’m afraid not.”

Sigh — I need a book and a bag of chocolates.


3 responses to “So Sore

  1. HAHA… Good job! Your neck is probably sore because instead of using your stomach core muscles alllll the time, you’re relaxing and relying on your arms to pull you up from the neck… right? It almost feels like whip lash… 400 is ALOT no matter what! Good job and keep up the good work! I was sore after 25! haha

  2. Wow 400 is a lot no matter who you are! Good for you!

  3. 400!?!? Holy moly! Good for you!!!

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