Let’s talk about it

By Jen (one of the Bossy Chicks)

Well Fluffy folks, it seems that we’ve been in kind of a rut here at Fight the Fluffy.  There hasn’t been a new post in almost two weeks and, in general, not a lot has been going on.

From this I can conclude that everyone’s either been super busy lately, everyone has hit their target weights, or everyone has lost interest.

I’m guilty of neglect too; I can’t even remember the last time I posted here.  And believe me, I certainly haven’t hit my target weight.

But that’s just me.  What about you?  Are you still interested in Fight the Fluffy?  Leave a comment and tell me honestly what you think.  Should we keep this going?  Thanks.


7 responses to “Let’s talk about it

  1. I’m wondering if you are keeping track of the traffic through here. I have finally hit my stride and could use the support, but like you said, no one is posting, no one is commenting.

    I’ll bet around the holidays and after New Year it picks up again.

    I’m always appreciative of support, but I haven’t felt it much lately here.

  2. Toni,

    I’m keeping an eye on the stats and the numbers are really low.

    – Jen

  3. Well I visit every day and I think after MomBabe moved and was out we all lost track of our Biggest Loser competition and it’s been downhill since… I can always use the motivation but I rarely see new posts…. So I made my own weight loss blog… http://losingwithliz.blogspot.com

  4. Nooooo do not kill my fluffy fighters!! If you let me join this blog I will post every day and stats will go up because people will wonder who that crazy fluffy chick is that posts all the time and eventually everyone will get sick of my posts and you’ll have to do another boring admin post about how many posts there have been and there will be a secret meeting and everyone will vote to kick me out and it will be sad.

    Actually to be honest I thought my computer was broken because there hadn’t been any new posts. Apparently it was just the rest of you who were broken 😉 hehe

  5. I do much better when my time is structured. Now that school’s started again, I should be able to be more active.

  6. do whats best for you as long as the neglect is ONLY the BLOG and not yer BOD 🙂

  7. I fell off the wagon pretty hard from the end of May to the end of July, but I’ve climbed back on.

    The bad news, I gained 7 pounds during that time.

    The good news, I’ve been working out for a month and have lost 3 of those pounds again.

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