Yep, my butt really is that big

I got a new camera on Sunday.  My husband and I went to our local botanical gardens so Mr. Independent could have some water fun, and I could play with my new toy.  Since I’m great at sharing, I let my husband have a turn with the camera.  I clearly need to renew my dedication to losing weight and getting healthy.


4 responses to “Yep, my butt really is that big

  1. Your butt is not that big. Remember, I’ve seen it IRL.

    *Typed while I’m sitting in a hotel room eating Canadian ketchup chips.*

  2. Your butt isnt big at all. It has to be the camera. Right its totally not mine or your butts it the cameras we are using.

    Good luck.

  3. Eh, your butt looks fine to me. But I’ve had those moments… like yesterday when I caught my reflection in a store window and almost cried. Sigh.

  4. You brave woman! Thanks for sharing your photo, and it’s not big at all!

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