Reintroducing myself

Hi.  Remember me?  I’m Jen and I used to post here regularly.  Then I went MIA, so now I’m totally a hypocrite, as I’ve also been the Bossy Chick who would occasionally kvetch about how no one was posting or commenting.  Sorry about that.

So, in terms of life in general, it’s been a pretty good summer.   Busy.  Fun.  Time is flying by.

But, in terms of my weight loss, the last several weeks have been a disaster.  In three weeks, I managed to regain all the weight I lost the month before.  I’m walking 2-4 miles every single day, so I lay the blame on all the fun foods I’ve been eating this summer.  Ordering pizza for dinner and then having two or three slices.  Making homemade ice cream sandwiches.  Baking.  All because, hey, it’s summer and we’re having fun.

There have also been some stresses — my father is terminally ill, plus we’re building a house while the economy is in the crapper — and I’ve caught myself stress eating a few times.

Some days, I’m so caught up with what’s going on with my life that I forget that I’m supposed to be mindful about what I eat.  That I’m supposed to be watching my portion sizes carefully.  That I’m supposed to be tracking points.  I’ll get through an entire day and then suddenly remember, “Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be careful about what I eat.”

So this week, I’m just taking things one step at a time.  Forcing myself to focus on food, even though my mind is on far weightier matters (no pun intended).  Trying to remember that, no matter what is going on, my health is still important and losing weight is critical to that equation.


One response to “Reintroducing myself

  1. Yeah, hang in there Jen. Healthy eating is, indeed, a very conscientious thing. And it is so easy to fall right back into the old habits.

    I am so looking forward to the end of summer vacation when I can start a whole new different crazy routine. I don’t suppose it will be any less stressful, just different.

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