Progress At Last

By Toni

It seems I have been losing the same eight pounds for six months.  I thought I was walking my fanny off, but apparently not.  However, my ankles slowly revealed themselve again.  But if I ate the wrong thing, or it was the wrong time of the month, my ankles would disappear once more along with any weightloss victory I had achieved.

Two weeks ago my sweet hubby signed us up with a personal trainer.  I was scared to death to start, and after the first week I understood my fear as I hobbled around with sore muscles, trying to get the nerve up even to try to sit on the toilet seat, and then I had to give myself a pep talk to get back up off it.  My muscles were screaming at me for the years of neglect they had received.  And to top it off, after our first visit as we were walking out the door, our trainer yelled “Oh yeah, no grains.  Stay off of grains.”

This week I am not so sore, all my water weight is gone, the original eight pounds, plus four more have come off.  I am moving around easier than I have in years.  I am feeling more confident about myself.

I thought that I would share with you another tool I am using.  It is a website called “Refuse to Regain”.  It is aimed at those who have lost their weight and are now working on maintenance.  But I have found it to be helpful to me as I’m working on losing the weight.  It is helping me to understand that this is not just a phase until I lose my weight, but it is a lifelong process of being healthy, a life change.  Click here to visit that site. You may not agree with everything, but it certainly gives you something to think about, some new ideas to help us along our journey.


One response to “Progress At Last

  1. Congrats on your recent successes!!!

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