Fluffbusters: Week 2

Way to go ladies! Thanks so much for getting your weigh-ins to me on time. I really appreciate that. It looks like we’re all kinda slow going. Small changes. Don’t let it get to you, though. Small changes eventually lead to bigger better things! (BTW, Melanie, I totally didn’t get back to you before the weigh in. My bad. Of COURSE you can still join!)

This week, the winner is……me! Down 2.6 pounds. Jill came in 2nd with a loss of 2 pounds. Great Job!

Weekly winners get a special prize this time. Bragging rights, if you will. Bragging rights in the form of badges that you get to display on your sidebar.

And now for the results:


Starting Weight

Current Weight


Total Loss

Amy 209.7 215 5.3
Apple 148.8 148.4 +0.6 -0.4
Candise 242 239 -1 -3
Vegas 162
Grace Ellen 131 134.6 -0 3.6
Jill 210 208 -2.0 -2.0
Liz 173 171 -1 -2
Melissa 217 215.2 -1.8 -1.8
MHuff 173.5 171 -0 -2.5
Miranda 248 245 -1 -3
MomBabe 219.2 213.8 -2.6 -5.4
Sarah 290
Sarah M – Badness 155 153 -0 -2

Great job everyone!

This week, your challenge is to UP YOUR WATER INTAKE. It’s JULY ladies. Get your water in, and then some. Dehydration makes weight loss almost impossible. So drink up!


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