Lose Lose Situation

So.  I’m in a bit of a conundrum.  Just a little one really.  Annoying and bothersome, but probably surmountable.  A ding or two to my self-concept. . .

I’m not losing the weight I imagined I would.  Maybe about a 1/2 pound a week.  (Must I be slow at EVERYTHING?)

But.  That’s not my problem.

The other night I was getting ready for bed when I made the mistake of looking down.  At my breasts.  I immediately ran into the bathroom where hub was brushing his teeth and said – nay demanded – “Are my boobs getting smaller !?”  He confirmed it.  I was SO bummed!

I’ve always been the . . .  er. . . “breast” of jokes from my family since I was in my teens.  Every woman in my family is more well endowed than me.

My sister (you know her as Miranda) warned me this would happen.  And when I said “nawwww!”, her husband said “yep!”

And now it has.  *sigh*

Whatever.  Enough moping.  I’ve gotta go run.  And try not to be sad that I’m whittling down to an A cup.


4 responses to “Lose Lose Situation

  1. Lol! We women always want what we don’t have. I’ve lost 4 inches from my band, and multiple cup sizes, and I’m still a D!!! And I look at an A cup and think of the pretty little tank tops I’d be able to wear, the comfort of walking around (the house at least!) without a bra, having people talk to my face and not my chest….

    I’m sure you look fabulous, and the right bra will make what you’ve got left look fabulous and perky so go treat yourself!

  2. Honey, I’d swap with you in a heartbeat.

    And, as Badness says, the right bra will do wonders.

  3. Yes, mine ar shrinking too. Unfortunately, as they shrink, they are getting lower and lower. Ugh! I think I may also need to treat myself to a quality bra fitted by an expert.

  4. I have never liked the shape/size of mine and it’s worse now that I’ve had a kid and have gained and lost weight. That’s why when I lose the weight I want to, I’m gonna go see a doctor about a surgery. 😉

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