Woah, what a week!

By Sarah

Oh. Wow. What a week (and a half, but who’s counting?).

So, yeah, I did a major life-changing thing on July 1st and moved in with my boyfriend. He’s the first guy I’ve actually wanted to live with (I was always really ambivalent about it before; at one point I flirted with the idea of living apart until engagement/marriage), and so far it’s been, like, super duper really really great. So, that’s good.

Not so good was the state of his apartment. Kitchen, bedroom, living room, foyer, bathroom all needed to be cleaned (think Spring Cleaning on steroids). We washed walls with vinegar. We cleaned windows. We threw countless bags of trash out. We re-arranged furniture. We vacuumed and steamcleaned the carpets. We went through the fridge and cupboards in the kitchen. We dusted every available surface that stood still. Long story short, we’ve been cleaning like mad for the last week and a half. (If you’d like, feel free to go over to www.oursimplicity.blogspot.com to see pictures of the damage. I think it’s still on the first page).

But tonight, we FINALLY finished (well, most of it, but lets not dwell on that! HA!) and then moved ALL OF MY STUFF OVER!! WOOOO!!! I’m so excited because I’ve been living with his parents for the last 3 months, and most of my stuff has been in storage since the beginning of March. Oh. It feels SO good to have all my stuff finally with me, and I CANNOT WAIT to go through it all and put everything away and prettify this place up a bit.

Downside to this, of course, is that I haven’t been to the gym since July 1st (which is why I haven’t submitted my weight for Fluffbusters, I promise this week I will). But I figure spending all day hunched over washing things and lifting furniture and hauling every single thing I own across a parking lot more than makes up for it.

It should, anyway. Or else my back is going to be one pissed off body part.


4 responses to “Woah, what a week!

  1. Okay, I just looked at the before photos. If you have the tenacity and determination to deal with that mess, then you’ll succeed with your weight loss/health goals with no problem whatsoever.

  2. Congrats! And I think houseword DEFINITELY counts as a workout…and a half!

  3. Exercise doesn’t always have to take the traditional form of running, walking, biking, etc. I think all the chores you did would have burned a lot of calories.

  4. It would (it should, anyway, if theres any justice in the world), but my eating sucked this week – we ordered in alot because I refused to go cook in a kitchen that I could barely move in and I kept “treating” myself with candy/chips and junk like that. Blah.

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