Seasonal success?

by Badness Jones

I lost a lot of weight this past winter.  It came off easily, I went four months without bingeing even once.  Then the warmer weather came…and for some reason it all got a lot harder.  I didn’t make the connection between the two things until this week.  I joined fluffbusters, and started writing everything down again.  I went back and read my food journal, and it hit me like a load of bricks.

I have 2 small kids, and by the time they’re in bed I’m usually exhausted.  In the winter, it was dark when they went to bed.  I got into a pattern of making myself a cup of tea, running a hot bath, and reading in the tub.  Then I’d put on my cozy jammies and go to bed.  As the days got longer, the kids were going to bed while it was still light.  I wasn’t any less tired, but I was less inclined to go right to bed.  My hot tea and hot bath routine lost it’s appeal.  So I was wandering around the house (read: kitchen) and found myself snacking.  Watching tv.  Snacking some more.  I need a warm weather wind down that doesn’t involve food.  I know exercise would be good, and I’m going to try to start jogging again, but I haven’t slept through the night in a year and a half, so realistically I need an alternative for the days I’m just too wiped to drag myself out the door.  Help me!


5 responses to “Seasonal success?

  1. How about lying in a hammock and gazing at the sky?

    Or, reading a great book that’s off limits until the children are in bed? (As if you’d have any other time to read… )

  2. what about switching your snacks?

    Is taking advantage of the season and snacking on berries and fresh fruit okay or a no-no?

  3. oops, missed the part where you said “no food”

    what about just walking around the block? Just a nice lesuirely stroll, no real excerise allowed. 😛

  4. How about knitting? Just something to do with your hands so you’re not sitting idly?

  5. I like the reading suggestion…gives your mind and hands something to be preoccupied with…

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