Hey everyone! Welcome back to Fluffbusters! I’m so happy we have so many participants!

This time, we’ll have cute little buttons for the weekly winners, courtesy of Apple.

This is the list of participants so far. If you don’t see your name, don’t worry, there’s still time to join in on the fun. Just leave your name and starting weight in the comments!

Apple – 148.8

Badness Jones  – 155

Miranda – 248

MomBabe – 219.2

Liz – 173

Sarah – 290


CHALLENGE: This week, it’s a mental challenge. I want you to write 100 reasons you want to lose weight. You need to do it all in one sitting… A list of 100 is a powerful tool.

taken from here:

The Dynamics of Making Lists of 100

To understand why creating a List of 100 works, consider what happens during the process of making one. There are three distinct phases you will usually go through when making your list:

1. First 30 entries or so: where you escape circular thinking

The first items are the easiest to come up with. In this first phase, your conscious mind is still in charge and you’ll most probably just dump ideas you’re already familiar with.

2. Next 40 entries: where patterns emerge

In this phase you’ll start noticing recurring themes and patterns of thought. Phase two is usually the hardest one, as you may find it difficult to let go of the ideas you had in the first phase in order to come up with new, distinct ones.

Bear in mind that it’s exactly this struggle that enables you to get to the third and most fruitful phase, hence the importance of not giving up at this point.

3. Last 30 entries: where the gems are

At this point you will already have exhausted most “logical” answers, allowing your subconscious mind to express itself more freely. Don’t be surprised if you get at least one or two really nonsensical or seemingly illogical entries. You may feel tempted to not write them down (”How on earth did I think that?”). Write them down anyway: these wacky entries may sound far from profound, but it’s exactly those items you’re after.

Also, after coming up with so many entries, it’s not rare to experience a shift in perspective: items that you first felt as being awkward will seem to better fit now than when you started the list. Moreover, your whole attitude towards the problem can change as you develop your entries: you may even come to the conclusion that you should be dealing with a different list topic altogether.

Good luck! I’m very interested to see what happens with this one.


18 responses to “FLUFFBUSTERS!!

  1. Grace Ellen-131
    Do you want us to post the top 100 lists?

  2. Not necessarily. But you’re more than welcome to post what you discover about yourself. And if you want, you can post your list, but you don’t need to.

    I AM really interested to hear about what you learned from doing thing though….

  3. fearandparentinginlasvegas

    Add me – my list will be forthcoming this week. Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas – 162

  4. hmm…..great challenge….not least finding the time to do it!!!

  5. Oooh, I don’t think I have 100 reasons for losing weight. What happens if we get past “Health” and “vanity” and can’t think of another 98 reasons?

  6. LOL, Apple! I’m already creating a starter list in my head, so this should be fun!

  7. Apple – try harder… that is all. 😉

  8. I’m going to work on my 100 list… ugh… I hate it already because actually writing it all down means that I’m admitting to my shame.. I need a therapist! ugh… oh and MomBabe.. by the way.. the weight is the same.. what you have posted is correct.. Thanks.

  9. I’d like to try–I need some motivation in the worst way. Weighed in at 173.5 today.

  10. 100? jeez. I am in the boat of health and vanity and falling short by 98. all in one sitting? are you serious MomBabe? have you met my children?

  11. i have three or four reasons and thats it – future fertility, better fitness both now and when I’m 60 (that counts for two) and vanity.

    this might require some work….

  12. Okay, seriously… I’m struggling here. I’ve gotten past health and vanity and every answer thereafter has pretty much just been BS. I’m making up excuses but when I go back and look at what I wrote, I’m thinking “Do I really feel that way? Is this really the truth?” It really isn’t. For example, one of the reasons was “So I”ll be more attractive for Pear.” The thing is, he doesn’t care how big I am. He was still attracted to me when I was a lot heavier than this. So I don’t know. We’re one day in and I’ve already failed the challenge. Sheesh.

  13. can I do another Fluffbusters if I promise to weigh-in this time?!

    100 things, huh? I may try it even if I’m doing Fluffbusters.

  14. EVERYone can join in.

    As far as the list goes, that’s why you should do it in one sitting. It might look like “fluff” but don’t cross it out… it wouldn’t have made it on paper if it hadn’t crossed your mind at some point.

    and Tenille? I know your kids go to bed by 7:30.

  15. Alright…new town…new life…new goals…new motivation. Can I join you a day or two late? If so put me on the chart at 242….ouch. Making my list of 100 right now…great idea!

  16. Please add me to the list. 217. Ouch that hurts to see out loud. Baby steps, baby steps

  17. I’m back in. I’ve had a bad month, and gained back everything that I lost, plus a bunch more.
    I know if I don’t have the motivation of needing to post my weight each week, I won’t try at all, and gain even more.
    100 is a lot to think up. I’ll see what I can come up with.
    Put me down as 210.

  18. Alright.. weigh in numero UNO… I was 172.. lost a whopping 1 pound.. geesh! Having the kids out of town and me and my husband going out to eat is not a good thing! BTW, I also did the list of 100 last week on my blog.. very depressing!

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