Fluffbusters:Week 8

Well, here it is. The final weigh in. Winner this week was Ms. Apple, with a loss of 1.2.   You go girl!





Amy 215 +2
Apple 148.4 -1.2 -8.8
Bonnie 199.9 -4.1
Jen 194.2 -2.0
Jill 201 -4
Julia 223 -7.0
Kamaile 226.8 -1.4
Karen 202.8 -6.2
Kris 272 +1
Liz 171.4 -3.1
MomBabe 217 +15.8 -0.8
Monica 129.1 -2
Nichole 169 -2.0
Nicki 193 -9.0
Randi 147 -1.0
Shar 222
Shelly 244 -3.0
Susan 180
Toni 304 -1.0

AND, the WINNER of the WHOLE DANGED THING is Nicki. She lost 9 lbs. In 2nd place is Apple with a loss of 8.8 pounds, and in 3rd, we have Julia with a loss of 7 pounds.

I’d like to say thank you to all the participants. It was great hearing from you each week. We have this next week off…. We’ll be starting Fluffbusters 2 on Monday, June 30. SO, whoever is interested shoot me an email sweetmommybingham@gmail.com

I’d also like to hear what you think we could do better for next time. I know I was slacking over here the last couple weeks, and I’m more than happy to head it up next time round, but due to health things, I won’t be participating. (Just thought I’d get that out there) Anyways, WHAT WORKED FOR YOU? What didn’t? What challenges would you like to see next time? Is there a team challenge you’re interested in? Do you want to have a partner? Thoughts, please!


4 responses to “Fluffbusters:Week 8

  1. Congrats to everyone!

    And, thanks to MomBabe for organizing this.

  2. Just keep at it, girls, you’re doing great!


  3. Yay! Congrats everyone!

  4. Good job everybody!

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