Yes or No?

By Sarah

One of the major things about weight loss is motivation. This manifests itself in different ways – the “goal” outfit (mine is a gorgeous red printed on black spanish-flavoured knee-length dress), the “picture” (mine is taped at eye level on a cupboard in my kitchen so its the first thing I see when I go in)….and now, my mother has offered to pay me.

Yep, pay me. Apparently, to her, a pound lost is 10 dollars gained, up to a maximum of 100 pounds (to be lost within a year or 15 months).

I’m struggling with whether or not to accept this challenge. What do you guys think? Should I or not? Why or why not?


8 responses to “Yes or No?

  1. I’d do it. But you have to be careful about not losing the motivation to continue losing or maintaining once the challenge is over.

  2. heck yeah girl go for it if it will help you meet your goal then do it but if not then don’t . DO what is best for you.

  3. YES!!!!! If you feel bad about keeping the money, send it to me and I’ll deal with the guilt and anguish on your behalf.

  4. Money? Hot red and black dress? GO FOR IT!! You can do it girl!

    Motivation is THE hardest part for me. I have many reasons to lose the weight, but nothing that gets me out of bed in the morning or off the couch (or away from my computer). I fight it hard! I feel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sometimes!

    Whatever gets you excited-do it!

  5. Take it take it take it take it take it!!!!!

  6. Dude, money talks. I’d totally do it.

    Besides, think of it more along the lines of a sponsorship… She’s donating to a charitable cause…

    Not that you’re a charity case 🙂

  7. yes Yes and YES! You should take her up on it that is big money.

    If the guilt is to much give her my email and I would be happy to take the challenge ;0)

  8. heck if you dont send her my way please 😉

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