Quickfire Challenge

by Grace Ellen

Your mission is to help me come up with some healthy snack ideas. The constraints are as follows:

1. Snack must be healthy
2. Snack can be either salty or sweet or both
3. I am a picky eater, so carrots or celery don’t work well for me
4. Snacks must be able to be eaten by hand, when studying
5. Snacks should be something I can prepare at home (i.e. no Fiber One bars)
6. Snack should not include artificial sweeteners

Bonus points for snack being something a husband and baby can eat as well.

I will try the suggestions and post the results.


6 responses to “Quickfire Challenge

  1. Popcorn
    Crackers and cheese
    Fruit — apples, grapes, etc.
    Wild rice cakes
    Dry cereal — we blend a few kinds.
    Pretzels (my girls like them with peanut butter)

    Of the snacks listed above, popcorn is the one we eat most.

  2. Apple slices, dipped in a mixture of peanut butter, honey and granola. It’s amazing.

  3. I love sugar snap peas (from costco) not really something you can make yourself, but they are yummy.

    I also love dipping strawberries in chocolate. For WW it’s only 2 points for 3 huge strawberries. We just melt half a Hershey’s bar in the microwave and then dip away.

  4. Well, we do popcorn (the 98% fat free. It still has good flavor) but babies aren’t so good with popcorn….

    And I’m a fan of Triscuits, with a piece of ham (the ones that are for Pizza. They’re the perfect size) and a slice of cheese on top.

  5. -plain yogurt with a drizzle of ginger honey
    -apple slices
    -2 or 3 squares of really good dark chocolate

  6. I love to eat string cheese and those small cans of V8. Protein, carb and veggie all in one little snack!

    Hummus is yummy on triscuits and veggies.

    I like to take the Hodgson Mill bran muffin mix, add about 1/4 c apple sauce to it and bake as mini muffins. Great snack or quick breakfast! Kids will eat these too!

    I always have tune made in my fridge. It’s good on crackers, wrapped in a lettuce leaf or spread on celery.

    cottage cheese with red peppers chopped into it is an easy snack that most people will eat. Adding blueberries instead of the peppers is also very good.

    Make your own “trail mix”. Add all your favorite nuts, dried fruit, etc. Make a kid friendly version too!

    Make smoothies one morning for breakfast and be sure to make extra. Pour it into your ice cube tray with popsicle sticks. A fabulous summer snack that can be ubber healthy ( I like to add flax oil, plain yogurt, honey, lots of fruit and a scoop of our favorite protein powder)!

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