Fluffbusters: Week 7

Well, hey there. After all my griping, I ended up winning again this week. Another case of how in the heck did that happen? But I lost an amazing 13.8 pounds. THIRTEEN POUNDS. Go me. My next magic trick will be keeping it off. Here’s the progress for the week.





Amy 215 +2
Apple 149.6 Same -7.6
Bonnie 199.9 -4.1
Jen 194.2 +1.2 -2.0
Jill 201 -4
Julia 223 -7.0
Kamaile 226.8 -1.4
Karen 202.8 -6.2
Kris 272 +1
Liz 171.4 -3.1
MomBabe 201.2 -13.8 -16.6
Monica 129.1 -2
Nichole 169 -2.0
Nicki 193 -9.0
Randi 147 -1.0
Shar 222
Shelly 244 -3.0
Susan 180
Toni 304 -1.0

Also, this coming Saturday is the last weigh in. After that, I think we’ll take a week off and start the whole process again. The weigh-in day will be Monday this next time, because I think it’s easier for people to remember on Monday, especially since most of you blog at work 😉

Anyways, keep up the good work ladies! How was the last week of No Soda? This week, your mission is to exercise daily. Be it 10 minutes, or 60. Keep moving girls!


6 responses to “Fluffbusters: Week 7

  1. Jen on the Edge

    Yay MomBabe!

  2. 13?! Wow! Good job. It’s almost like the contest is already over. I don’t know how any of us are supposed to catch up to that! I’m so happy for you. What an accomplishment!

  3. wow 13 lbs that is awsome good job!

  4. lol 13?? :D:D Good job!

    may i join the next Fluffbusters s.v.p? thanks.

  5. Aww thanks.

    And anyone that wants to join Fluffbusters is more than welcome…

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