I never thought I’d….

By Sarah:

So now I’m officially a full fledged member of a gym.

(I never thought I’d say that)

I’ve discovered I L.O.V.E the treadmill.

(I never thought I’d say that either)

Today I went for a full 20 minutes at a brisk walk – nothing spectacular or anything, in fact at my speediest it would have still taken me 18 minutes to do a mile.

(I never thought…well, you get the idea)

It’s been superhot these last few days. It was 31 degrees at three thirty am last night. SO gross…it makes going to the gym really hard, because its just so much effort to move.

But I weighed myself today, and just as I was going to get mad at myself for gaining a pound (after gaining 6 in 3 weeks), I realized I still had my shoes on. So my thought proces went something like this: “Oh, d’oh, still wearing shoes. So…subtract five pounds…meaning..(lightbulb goes on) OOOOER. I lost four pounds!!”

I know its just water, but LOST is the operative word here. Yeah. Let’s just focus on that, shall we?


 PS: is  that subtract five pounds for shoes thing a myth? (please tell me its not a myth, because, uh, that would be totally uncool) And, uh, just wondering – whats the ideal way to weigh yourself if you can’t get naked?


4 responses to “I never thought I’d….

  1. Jen on the Edge

    Wow! You’ve had a great week. Congrats!!!

    And an 18 minute mile is nothing to scoff at.

  2. It took me a minute to register that your 31 degrees was probably celcius, heh. I think 5 pounds for your shoes might be a little heavy unless you’re wearing clogs or combat boots. I’d say 5 covers shoes and clothes both. Good job, though!

  3. Good job! If you can’t get naked, I’d just try to wear the same clothes each time. I always did that when I did the weigh-ins at WW.

  4. My trainer taught me to never weigh myself after a work out, you will always weigh more for some reason. So if you weighed yourself after then maybe you really lost more;0)

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