What Will I Do?

by Nichole

Last night, I openly and unabashedly solicited compliments on my thinning form. I asked my sisters “don’t I look thinner? don’t you think running is working for me?” They concurred, and I didn’t even have to twist their arms. But then later, the best kind of compliment – the unsolicited kind – came my way: “wow! your butt is smaller!” I said “ooooh! I know! isn’t it great?!” And then proceeded to do a very Karen-from-Mean-Girls type thing: I jutted my left hip and cheek back, and rubbed my hand over my butt. It is smaller! Yea me!

I’ve been doing a lot of this:

And I’m seeing a lot of this starting to happen:

And with others noticing too, I’m starting to wonder what I’ll do when this starts happening:

I know most of us might go “woohoo! new clothes!!!” But I just bought a whole new summer wardrobe, which we only do about once every year, and don’t know what I’ll do when my clothes no longer fit, since I’m saving for a sweet vacation and won’t have the to get any new clothes.

Hmmmmmm. When I thought about losing weight, I didn’t figure this part into the equation! What a wonderful, if perplexing, predicament!


6 responses to “What Will I Do?

  1. I feel your pain – I’ve lost 20 lbs over the past few months and now that my clothes aren’t fitting I’m having to decide what it makes sense to buy as I’m still losing (not quite halfway to where I want to be) and I can see this getting expensive! As you said though, a wonderful predicament!

  2. I’ve bought a couple well-fitting things in each size as I’ve gone down, and worn sweats around the house. If you have a good consignment store near you, you can sell the barely worn things (albeit for a fraction of what you paid) and pick up some nice used things cheap to get you through until you hit your goal. Yay you!

  3. Pants have been the biggest issue for me, so I’ve just hit Target and picked up a few pairs every time I’ve dropped sizes.

  4. I think that’s a really fun dilemma!

  5. well…woohoo for the change in the right direction…as for clothes shopping…um, buy a belt. 😉 for now anyway~

  6. I’m going through that exact same dilemma right now. I need shorts really bad but I’m afraid of buying a pair now, just to need to buy more in a month.

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