Yay Me! (I think….)

By Badness Jones

I stepped on the scale on New Year’s Day, and realized that I weighed 10 lbs more than I had 13 months earlier, 6 weeks after my son was born. I had gained (and kept) 15 lbs with each of my 2 babies, and I had an extra 10 or 15 that I blamed on my husband, too. I felt miserable. I avoided mirrors. I hated shopping for clothes, and was buying things because I could get them on, not because they were flattering or I loved them. Something had to give.

At the same time I was watching my dad fight colon cancer (it’s been a long, long year – but for the moment he’s cancer-free, so fingers crossed, and thanks for asking!) which made me take stock of my own health, and the habits and example I want to put in place for my children.

I started sorting through recipes to find things that I WANTED to eat. HEALTHY things that I wanted to eat. I started cooking, every day. I severely cut back on the processed foods and chemicals going into my body. Good-bye diet coke. I went almost a month without any chocolate or sweets, and I found that I was able to change my palate a lot. Now, if I want a treat I have one, but I make sure it’s something fabulous. Organic dark chocolate, homemade cookies or cake.

I started eating more fruit. I started eating more fibre. I started to drink water. Lots of it. I started having non-fat plain yogurt (with active cultures) everyday. It’s delicious with homemade granola, or a drizzle of honey.

The weight dropped off. (I think the fact that I’m still nursing helped.) At the beginning of May I stepped on the scales and I’d reached my goal. The weight that I’ve wanted to be at for years. I panicked and started to binge.

I don’t know what happened….I was just so frightened that I’d put the weight back on….and everytime someone complimented me on my weight loss I ran straight back to the fridge. I put 4 lbs back on. I took 3 off. I put 2 on.

I started writing down everything that I ate again. I’m back down to my goal weight. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m going to have to deal with this a lot longer. I have emotional eating issues that I still need to work on. I’m still going to have to monitor what I eat, walk as much as I can, step on the scales once or twice a week. But at least I can do it in 29″ waist jeans.


7 responses to “Yay Me! (I think….)

  1. Yay you! I’m so proud of you for doing so well. As for the emotional stuff, it will all be okay. It just takes a little time.


  2. go you! YEPPIE! We should give you a party i mean everyone needs a party now and then and this really deserves one. You go girl. I want to know all your secrets seriously when I am nursing its like my body wont let go of the weight I am a fat momma cow just milking away.

  3. Awesome job! I’m struggling with the rollercoaster of weight loss too. I’ve been over-snacking for the past three days and the scale is starting to go back up. 29 inch waist, you say? That’s nothing to sneeze at, dear. Good job.

  4. Yay you! That is awesome, and I am totally jealous. I have seven more lbs. to go and I am totally stuck. I have been stuck since January. I need a good kick in the pants to get motivated.

  5. I love your mentality about the habits you want to encourage and model for your children. I feel the same way about my kid, like if we don’t expose him to junk, he won’t ever know different. I think children can be wonderful motivators, as well as those skinny jeans!

  6. Congratulations and good on you!!

    Yep, that emotional eating thing is a drag. I do the same thing. It’s a battle..

  7. you have done a great job…I hear you on the wavering…I feel the same way and FEAR that I will put this weight back on if I don’t watch it. Scary. I don’t want the people that are commenting me on how great I look to say in a year, wow, remember how great you looked.

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