Because somebody has to be the bad guy

By Jen (a.k.a. The Enforcer)

Just a reminder that Fight the Fluffy only works if EVERYONE participates. That means every single person listed on the right hand side of this screen. After y’all pretty much unanimously decided that you wanted to keep FtF going, we set two easy guidelines regarding posting and commenting. To remind you, they are:

  • I encourage you all to post at least once a month, if not twice or more. Don’t feel like you have to post just for the sake of doing so, but please let us know how you’re doing, share interesting news articles and recipes, and just generally keep the content going on this blog.
  • I also ask you to comment. It’s not time consuming or difficult, so do it.

So, I’m asking nicely for you to hold up your end of the bargain, please, pretty please. If you haven’t posted in the past month, please do in the next week or so.

(But don’t everyone do it all at once, let’s keep it to about three posts/day.)

And, if you haven’t been commenting, please stop lurking. Because I can see the stats and I know you’re out there.

Thank you, and have a nice day.


2 responses to “Because somebody has to be the bad guy

  1. Aye aye Captain!

  2. You’re completely right! Thanks for the reminder!

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