Another small victory

Quickly jotted down by Apple

A few years back, I decided I wanted a new wedding set. After some shopping, I finally found a white gold set I liked with a bigger diamond than the one on the engagement ring I was given back when my hubby and I were poor teenagers livin’ on nothing but ramen noodles and love. I gained a bit of weight (a BIG bit) and those rings didn’t really fit anymore without causing my finger to look like a miniature eggplant. Because of an intricate design on the band, resizing them wasn’t an option. Of course, since I bought new rings, he wanted a new one too. I’ve worn the new set daily since we bought it and the rings we were actually married with have been sitting in my jewelry box staying safe.

Tonight as I was washing dishes, my rings fell off. They had been feeling looser lately so I stuck them in my pocket until I was done with the dishes and then I got the old set out of the jewelry box. I looked them over a bit and then very bravely slid my first wedding band onto my finger. It fit. Next went the teeeny tiiiny diamond engagement ring. It also fit.

I smiled to myself, put the white gold rings into the jewelry box and enjoyed being able to wear my old wedding rings again. It really is the little victories that make this all worth it.

Apple Joos


4 responses to “Another small victory

  1. I haven’t been able wear my wedding rings for about three years now, so I’m really looking forward to hitting that milestone in a few months.

    Congrats to you for doing so great!

  2. my rings are really slidding around on my fingers as well…yay for the old set fitting, means you are on the right track. KUDOS.

  3. That’s awesome! I got my wedding and engagement rings back on a couple of months ago….for the first time since I was 7 months pregnant with baby #1….so like 5 years. It’s an awesome feeling, and for the first few weeks I caught myself looking down at that sparkly rock just as much as I did when we first got engaged. Congratulations!

  4. i’m on the opposite side of this dilemmia – right now I’m a size 10 on my ring finger but what if he proposes and I lose more weight and the ring doesn’t fit anymore? 😐

    Kudos to you though – it must feel so good 😀

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