Fluffbusters: Week Three

by MomBabe

Looks like I’M the biggest loser this week, down 6.8 pounds! I’d like to thank Mr. Disney and his massive theme parks. I walked at least 10 miles every day while pushing 150 pounds of stroller/children.





Alison 208.7
Amy 213
Apple 155.6 +2.4 -1.6
Bonnie 199.9 -4.1 -4.1
Jen 196.2 -1 -0
Jill 202 -1 -3
Julia 224 -6.0
Kamaile 228.2 No change -0
Karen 204.8 No change -4.2
Kris 268 -3 -3
Liz 171.4 No change -3.1
Marissa 193.2 -4.8
MomBabe 208.8 -6.8 -9.0
Monica 129.1 -2 -2
Nichole 169 -2.0
Nicki 193 -9.0
Randi 147 -1.0
Sarah 271
Shar 222
Shelly 246 No change -1.0
Susan 180
Tenille 258 No change -11.0
Toni 304 -1.0

Challenge for upcoming week: Eat a salad every day. Don’t care what kind. Fruit salad, green salad, (you should probably skip the pasta salad) whatever floats your boat…. How’d everyone do with the water challenge? I had a hard time because I always get dehydrated on vacation, despite my best efforts….. How’d you do?


7 responses to “Fluffbusters: Week Three

  1. I’m in a really interesting situation. I gained pounds, but if I go by my body shape, I haven’t changed. My pants are still loose. So, despite the gain (I see I’m the only one who gained… sigh…) I still feel pretty good about myself. I didn’t do so well with the water challenge. I have two water bottles that I switch between all day. Once one is empty, I go to the other. I have about four 12 oz bottles a day. Anything more than that and my stomach feels gross and sloshy. I’ll keep working on it.

    The salad challenge is great! I just finished off the last of my lettuce tonight so I’ll have to run to the store. A caveat about fruit salad, though– make sure it’s not in a simple syrup, which is a fancy way of saying sugar and water cooked down to thicken it up. Plus it’s more fun to make it yourself anyway!

    Congrats everyone on their losses!

  2. Jen on the Edge

    Congrats to MomBabe for doing so well! Actually, congrats to all of us.

    I did fine on the water most days, but will probably find the salad challenge to be, well, a challenge.

  3. Congratulations, MomBabe … that’s an awesome loss.

    It’s been in the high 90’s here, so I did really well on the water challenge. 🙂

    Salads …love ’em. I have one with my lunch and one with dinner. Plus I have a bowl of fruit salad in the fridge to snack on…

  4. Congratulations MomBabe!! Tell us your secret!!

  5. Congrats girl! That’s great! I keep forgetting to weigh-in. Sorry! I’ll set an alarm for myself…

  6. GO MomBabe!! That is so exciting. I didn’t know you where back so sorry about the weigh in 😦 The water challenge is normally so easy for me but this week started out for me with a migraine so I just haven’t been myself. I think this whole week I have been dehydrated so I am going to commite to do better this week. Also the salad challage Yummy!

  7. Way to go MomBabe! Woohoooooo

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