Four weeks down, about a bazillion left!

A note from Toni:

Today is the fourth week anniversary of walking consistently with a partner.  Two more weeks and it’s a habit, right?  Hopefully it will become one of those habits where I’m absolutely driven to do it and I can’t live without it, like my life is way off balance if I miss exercising and nothing goes right until I walk.  If it does become like that, it will be the first time ever in my 45 years of life!

I recently heard a talk from a gal that claims she “loves, loves, loves exercise”.  She majored in some sort of phys ed degree, teaches phys ed at a community college, is a personal trainer, and she is in fantastic shape.  I believe that she loves exercise, I just don’t understand that kind of fanaticism. 

So today after walking, I noticed that my heart rate didn’t sky rocket out of the recommended range, my muscles aren’t sore anymore, my blisters are almost healed, and I rebounded quicker after the walk.  I also am finding more energy to weed, do dishes and laundry, chase after my 2-yr-old.  My leg muscles are feeling stronger.  I’m scared to say it, but I may be ready to kick it up a notch.  Just please don’t let my walking partner know that.  She’s already trying to kill me!


3 responses to “Four weeks down, about a bazillion left!

  1. I actually really enjoy my daily walks and don’t like to share them with other people. It’s time alone for me and I love having that 45-60 minutes to think.

  2. Just be glad your walking partners aren’t both under 4 feet tall, heehee. If you need to kick it up without forcing your partner to also, maybe you could add some weights?

  3. well hello ladies.. I just got back from vacation on thursday and lets just say I had noooo time to watch my eating.. or wait, I had more time but less need or less want to watch the weight.. geesh, say that 5 times fast. Anywhooo, I’m glad I didn’t gain but not happy that I didn’t lose. I’m the same weight as last week.. ugh…

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