Some Humour

Most of the time, my boyfriend is a sweet, supportive guy. Especially about the weight loss thing, because, well, he’s not really a skinny twiggy either.  Although, sometimes, stuff just flies out of his mouth and he’s, shall we say, very lucky I love him. I thought I’d share the good, bad and the ugly, just for a giggle.

The GOOD :

taking a shower together: “I know you’re not fat. You know how I know?”

[ wraps arms around me ]

“See? I can wrap my arms around you and grab my wrist”

Randomly: “You have alot of water weight that’ll be lost quickly, and you aren’t all fat – the reason you weigh so much is because you have a muscle-y base.”

And then there’s the daily compliments of how sexy/cute/hot I am. Which, don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not knocking. But when stuff like this comes out of his mouth, one has to wonder. Things like, does he have a death wish? Or a subconscious desire to be single?

The BAD:

At the gym: Me [ grumble ] “I’m doing all this work now just so I can gain it back with pregnancy”

Him: “But that weight just melts off”

Me: [ incredulous, murderous look on my face ] 


Today, hanging out at his apartment: 

Him: “I like that shirt on you. It really pulls you in….makes it look like you have a shape.”

I immediately jumped up and headed for the door, calling him what the result is if you breed a horse and a donkey. He had to chase me and suck it up big time. 

And I didn’t let him forget it for the rest of the night “wait a second, I gotta put on the shirt that gives me a shape”  “oh, it’s a little hot in here, but I can’t take off the shirt that gives me a shape, because I’ll just be a gelatinous misshapen blob without it.”

I think he’ll be thinking twice before he opens his mouth tomorrow, don’t you? 😉


3 responses to “Some Humour

  1. Men are fun. Sometimes I have to tell my hubby just what I want him to say. Then when he says it, it means absolutely nothing because I had to tell him. So fun!

  2. LOL! After 11 years together my Hubs has learned to watch his mouth….at least about my weight. The other day I was trying to tell him how to do something, and he was disagreeing, as usual, and he mumbled something under his breath.

    Me: “Did you just call me FATTY?!”
    Him: “NO. I just called you BATTY…you’re completely nuts.”
    Me: “Oh. Well that’s alright then…as long as you didn’t call me fat.”
    Him: (shaking his head) “You should seriously get your head checked out.”

  3. They’re just clueless – give him another 10 years. My husband knows better than to say anything that has to do with being fat. Not unless he wants special attention paid to his receding hairline.

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