So I did it, I finished the 5k. I kept my expectations low, I just wanted to cross the finish line (preferably not last). It was fun, and empowering. I really wanted to run it but they pack you in like sardines. Every time I tried to run I got about 20ft before I was stopped by a crowd of walkers. After a while I gave up and settled on a speed walk. I’m not sure what my time was, from what I can tell it was around 40-45 minutes, and I definitely didn’t finish last. I loved to see all those women (and a few men) all their for a common goal. Next year I will definitely run it.

The next day I did realise that I had a small injury, I pulled a muscle in my foot. No big deal it was better in a day or two.

So what big goals are you guys working on?


8 responses to “Success

  1. congratulations on doing the 5K! it must feel so good! 🙂

  2. Wow…congratulations. What a sense of acheivement you must have.

    I’m working on getting my speed up when walking.

    I’m also working on doing 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer. I’m up to 20 minutes now. I’m doing it in 5 minute increments.

    I’d like to start jogging again, but not sure if my left knee is up to it..

  3. Oh, I’m also working on going to bed earlier. So many blogs … so little time… sighhhh

  4. Yay you!

    My goals: getting my snacking under control and losing my next five pounds.

  5. Way to go! It always feels so good to accomplish what we set out to do. Will you try another one?

    My Goal: Hubby and I absolutely love NYC. We have gone a few times. The last time we went my Out-Of-Shapeness got the better of me one day and we basically had an all-out war and missed going to see Wicked and lost out on the money and now our whole memory of 10 days is just that one bad day. So I am working very hard to be ready to walk all over Manhattan without slowing hubby down or causing a ruckus or missing Wicked again. Oh, and not having to use a seatbelt extension on the plane when we fly there. Yeah, that would make me feel really good.

  6. Woohoo! Go you! 5k is 5k, no matter what speed you managed to do it at!

  7. Wow, congrats!!! I did a 5K once and they are so fun – but I did finish last hehe. Go you!!

    My goal is to QUIT SNACKING ALREADY and lose 15 lbs before I move next month. Preferably more, but I’m not doing so hot on losing 😦

  8. Toni, Yes I will definitely be doing another 5k and next time I’m going to run it.

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