The Voodoo that You Do

So, I have some questions for this fabulous group. I know. I know! Where do I, the newest newbie, get off coming in here with my questions and being all inquiring??It’s for a good cause. I swear! (Besides MomBabe let me in. Blame her if you don’t like it. No. Don’t. ‘Cuz she was just bein’ nice!)

Anyhoo, on to my questions. Now, I know we’re in the midst of a BL challenge and certain peeps may not want to divulge their trade secrets, but I’m curious to know what’s working for everyone. But I got to thinking: What diet or eating plan does everyone use? Are some people doing Weight Watchers? Are they drinking supplements like SlimQuick or taking pills like Alli? What do those who are doing any kind of diet or eating plan THINK about that plan? Do they like it? Loathe it? Tolerate it? Love it? Think it’s the bestest? What motivates them to stick to the plan?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I’m already thinking about my weigh in tomorrow. If the weigh ins so far this week are any indication, I really suck at this challenge thingy. But that’s NOT why I asked the question. I asked out of sheer curiosity – because the BL WILL win (or, um, lose) – it just might not be me. But who doesn’t lose (or, um, win) with BL?


8 responses to “The Voodoo that You Do

  1. I started off with Weight Watchers, which I loved because it taught me about portion control and eating lots of fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water.

  2. Oh, and I walk — a LOT. 2-4 miles every day.

  3. I sort of use the Slim Fast diet, but not for weight loss purposes. I’m so nauseas first thing in the morning that I can’t eat anything. Just the thought of food makes me so sick. I guess it’s just something my body started when I was pregnant and forgot to shut off again. With breakfast being such an important meal, I drink a shake as soon as I wake up. It’s the only thing I can get down and when my stomach is on fire, that first, ice cold chug is so nice. So, that’s my breakfast. Sometimes I’m honestly just too busy to make a lunch, so I’ll have another shake then. I eat what I always eat for dinner and that’s pretty much it for diet. I’m careful not to bring in too many calories but I don’t really count them, if that makes sense. I just try to stay aware of how much I’m eating in higher calorie foods. I’m also a vegetarian, so that cuts out the fat and cholesterol that comes with some meats. I replace it with different proteins, however, to make sure I’m getting enough.

    As for a work out routine, I don’t really have on yet so I’m no help there. Good luck though!

  4. I do WW and I love it. I can eat what I want just not to much.

    Whatever you decided just stay healthy.

  5. I’m doing Weight Watchers. After trying quite a few other diets, I’ve found the WW works the best for me. As Jennifer mentioned, they teach you portion control, the importance of drinking water and eating fruit and veges.

    I also walk a lot and ride my bike. I also use a friend’s elliptical trainer 3 times a week. I also have some light weights and bands to exercise at home. I’m looking at buying an elliptical trainer as I get a good workout when using it.

    Good luck 🙂

  6. I’m acutally reading a book called The 4-Day Win- End your diet war and achieve thinner peace. Or something very similar to that. It’s a GREAT book, it keeps you in tune with your body and really listening to it. I would reccomment it to anyone, I was sick of just telling myself what I couldn’t eat and how much I had to work out, and I knew I needed something different. The author is hilarious too! I warn you, there’s a lot of swearing in it! 😀

  7. I like Body for Life. I’ve done that diet and exercise program in the past and have had great results. But now I have four kids, so adhering to that plan is rather diffcult at the moment.

    Currently, I am watching fat and sugar intake and then watching portion control. This way, I’m not cooking three different meals, three times a day. The results are not as quick as BFL, but I don’t care… maybe I’ll switch in a month…

  8. I’ve done Weight Watchers before and lost weight, but this time I did the “this isn’t a diet” diet. I drank my water, and weaned myself off diet coke. I started eating things that are good for me and gradually reduced the amount of processed foods that I ate. I cut down, WAY down on cheese and butter. I eat more fruits, veggies and fibre. If you’re looking for reading material try “French Women don’t get Fat”. And I haven’t been working out – I just try to move more. Walk more, do more housework, run up and down the stairs whenever I get the chance. I’d like to start running again eventually, but it isn’t going to happen until my son starts sleeping through the night, so I’m making the most of the little things….oh, and if you’re wondering how this worked for me? – I’ve lost over 30lbs in 4 months. I think that the weight has come off faster because I’m still nursing, but I think that changing your lifestyle is the only way to lose it for good. You can do it too!

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