The Best Incentive There Is

My husband had a surprise for me when I picked him up from the airport last Friday.

“How would you like to go to the Bahamas in a month?!”

“Oh!” Oh yeah, baby.  I’ve never been to the Bahamas!  Clear blue water, sandy beaches, snorkeling! 

“Oh…” I have to get into a bathing suit in a month.  Uuuoohhh…feeling a little nauseous…

How did I let this happen?  How did I go from slim to chubster in eight years?  I can’t even look forward to a vacation because I don’t want to be in a swimsuit.  Ok, I had three kids in four years.  But my youngest is almost two.  I have no excuse – except that my mouth has betrayed me.  It’s all Mouth’s fault.  She’s the one that keeps ordering me to get my butt in the kitchen and cook, and now Butt’s saying, “I told ‘ya so!”.

Now I have one month from tomorrow to lose as much weight as I can (healthily) before game time.  I’m motivated, I’m pumped.  I started The Fat Flush nutrition plan last Monday when I began FluffBusters with you guys.  The Fat Flush is hard.  It means no carbs, no salt, no FLAVOR for two weeks.  Nothing but lean protein, veggies and fruit.  After that I get to eat sprouted grain bread.  I know, it sounds gross but trust me, it’s like manna from heaven after two weeks of no carbs.

I also started that fun running program that Apple posted about.  I think it may very well help me get back into running.  I used to jog for an hour six days a week; it’s how I got down to a size eight before I got pregnant again twice in a row.  Now I’m lucky if I can get the old treadmill up to 4.5 for 3 minutes.  I feel like a big fatty lumbering along on the treadmill.  But if those guys on the Biggest Loser can do it…!  Some of those people look absolutely amazing now.  I want that to be me again.  In like four weeks.

I know I’m not going to be down to my goal weight in four weeks.  It’s physically impossible.  But I’m going to put a dent in it.  As of this morning I’ve lost eight pounds in a week and a half.  I’m not going to be able to continue losing like this, it’s going to start averaging out to 2-3 pounds a week.  But I’ll take it. 

I’m so glad you guys are doing this with me!  Even though we’re not lumbering next to each other on the treadmill, I feel like you’re right there sweating along with me.  I know we can do this. 



7 responses to “The Best Incentive There Is

  1. Ooh, that would motivate me to lose weight. Right now I’m working towards next fall when we will go to Manhattan. I want to be comfortable in the theater seats on Broadway, and I want to be able to walk all over that town without passing out.

    Cool! The Bahamas! Good luck! I’ll be cheering for you.

  2. I really think that our trip to Florida helped motivate me – but I had 4 months notice to work on it! Still, every pound you lose will make you feel better in your swimsuit in the Bahamas….and you are going to love the Bahamas….I love the Bahamas….lucky you.

    You can totally do this – and I’ll be cheering you on too!

  3. You’re motivated and you have a good plan — I KNOW you can do it!

  4. Ooo, FUN!

    This may sound totally vain and whatever… but my girlfriend just went on a cruise to Mexico, and she went and got some of those body wrap things at a local spa. She said that it didn’t cause her to get smaller, but it, umm… smoothed out the cottage cheese look on her bum and thighs. She is not one who goes in for the Diva treatment, but she now swears by the wraps for feeling more confident in a swim suit.

  5. We are totally right their with you! You are going to look awesome, and have such a great time.

    My hubby and I went on a cruise a year ago, and I hadn’t been on WW for very long so I was no were near what I wanted to be. I just decided not to let it ruin my trip.

    Have fun and maybe buy a bathing suit that looks awesome.

  6. Keep me posted on your run, please! I’m really excited to get started myself. Good luck!

  7. My motivation for losing weight, was that I’ll soon be flying back to NZ. I’d heard these horror stories about people being weighed at the airport and being charged for two seats.

    That and the fact that I sat in this single seat on the bus and nearly got stuck. When I went to get up, I felt like a cork exiting a bottle!

    Don’t stress too much. Start your weight loss and exercise program. Find a flattering swim suit and most importantly, enjoy your trip!

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