Determination at it’s finest

As I mentioned, I make up for my lack of opportunity to work out with determination to work out where I can. Yesterday, after sitting in one place waiting for the rain to subside, I grabbed a rake and decided to rake anywhere I thought I might have almost seen a leaf at one point. It turns out, there were lots of renegade leaves that managed to escape the Fall round up and I had quite a pile and nothing to do with it. So, I raked them across the yard, over a small area that had not completely drained of the rainwater and up a hill into a neighboring field. In all, I did about an hour worth of raking and I felt great afterwards. I’m so sick of this stagnant-ocity that I’m in right now…

…to the point where I’m already beginning to plan out a new running routine. You see, I am not a runner. Even when I weighed less than a hundred pounds in high school, I couldn’t run. I’m sure I look really funny trying though! I’m just tired of letting my body have the final say in these things. While, yes, I need to listen to my body, I also need to discipline my body into being more flexible. It seems the only cardio my body ever wants to do is on an elliptical, which is like running, but without the Vitamin D.  I think my new personal slogan is going to be “Muscles: work ’em if you got ’em.” So, in the course of trying to learn how to become a runner, I ran across the website Couch to 5K, which is a 9 week program that helps you build up a resistance to running. I’m looking at the week one program and I’m already hyperventilating, but I think this is something I really want to try. I can’t start until my hubby gets home, but it’ll be a nice challenge when he does.

In the mean time, I wanted to ask you lovely ladies about something that has eluded me for years. Pedometers. I cannot, for the life of me, get one that works. I thought it was just because I kept buying the cheaper models because I would count my steps and still get a completely different number on the counter. I think I just have a strange gait or something, but I wanted to ask, does anyone else have any experience with these– good or bad? I’d love to know just how many steps I take during the course of the day. Thanks!



10 responses to “Determination at it’s finest

  1. I think that the small things count, exercise wise. It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve been trying to go up and down the stairs as many times a day as I can – so everytime I have to change a diaper or go pee I run upstairs. Instead of piling things on the stairs to take up later I run up with each and every book and sweater and toy. It’s working.

    And I’ve only tried the pedometer that came free in the Special K box….I don’t think it worked!

  2. I find myself being lazy at the dumbest times, like, when I’m making my bed and don’t want to walk all the way around it to straighten out the other side. I’ll just lean across it and in the process, mess up the side I’m standing on. It’s not like it’s miles away, it’s just a couple feet. I do the same thing from the kitchen to the dining room. I’ll try to balance a bunch of things in my arms at meal time instead of making several trips. Like you said, it’s the little things, and I’m trying hard to be cognitive of the times I can use those little things to my advanage.

    Mmmm… Special K…

  3. I think we talked about pedometers in November or December, so you might check our archives.

    Consumer Reports has probably done an article on pedometers too.

    I can tell you that the cheap ones aren’t worth it and most of the pricier ones aren’t either.

  4. Ooh! Apple, you and I can be 5k friends! I just started the same program yesterday.

    And I’m writing about it here:

  5. Oooo! DO IT! The running! It is so horrifically HARD to do at first, but you get your wind within two weeks, and you feel like you could run FOREVER! It has been one of the most empowering feelings of my life. Am slow like techtonic plates, but I love to RUN!!

  6. I researched pedometers and found that Yamax is the “most” accurate. I bought one that was about $23 and clipped it on. It was definitely more accurate than the cheapy one I bought at Wal-Mart which showed me taking 20,000 steps a day. I still always wonder about its accuracy. My ellipticle is very accurate.

    I agree that it’s the little things, like walking all the way around the bed, or parking at the end of the parking lot.

  7. I love my pedometer! It’s a SportLine talking pedometer 343 and I know I didn’t pay very much for it, less than $20. I also attach it to my shoe (I clip to my laces), especially when I am exercising. The results are more exact. Also, if it’s a bit off, oh well! It’s better than not knowing at all, in my oh so humble opinion.

    Keep up with being creative in your choices of exercise! I can improve in that area a lot.

  8. yea Apple! Any exercise counts in the plus column!
    Great job!

  9. I haven’t had much luck with pedometers. Not lately, anyway. I had one, a number of years ago, that clipped on to my shoe. that one worked well. But I haven’t seen them since.

    I’ve tried the ones that clip on your waist. Seems to work okay if I’m wearing jeans or pants that have a firmer waistband. Doesn’t work so well when I’m wearing trackpants, sweats or anything that has a looser waistband.

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