Just a Reminder

Weigh in for our biggest loser contest is tomorrow morning. I’ve gotten everybody’s stuff but yours, MONICA. Not that I’m trying to call you out on anything, MONICA, I’m just saying I don’t have your numbers, MONICA. 😉

Also, this is your last chance to get in on the action everyone. We’ll have a “winner” announced for week one tomorrow. After that, I’m going to be splitting people up into teams.

Therefore, this week was kinda like practice… Anyhow, this is the list I have thus far:

MomBabe 217.8 32.79%
Randi 148 27.41%
Jen 196.2 27.81%
Susan 180 27.7%
Nichole 171 %
Nicki 202 27.41%
Liz 174.5 27.62%
Karen 209 28.71%
Alison 208.7 %
Tenille 269 32.02%
Marissa 198 27.7%
Sarah 271 %
Toni 305 %
Amy 213 27.34%
Shar 222 27.69%
Monica ??? %









*to calculate your body fat %, go to http://www.fitwatch.com/qkcalc/body-fat-percentage-calculator.php plug in the numbers and let us know your results. Thanks!

If you want to be included and your name is not on the list, email me: SweetMommyBingham@gmail.com

After your weigh-in in the morning, email me: SweetMommyBingham@gmail.com

If you have any questions, email me: SweetMommyBingham@gmail.com

If you don’t have my email by now, well, that’s just sad.


ALSO, unofficial poll for group name:


Weight Loss Wars



8 responses to “Just a Reminder

  1. Fluffbusters, definitely.

  2. This is utterly fascinating.


  3. I think fluffbusters is incredibly cute. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the numbers tomorrow ladies!!!!

  4. Okay Okay I get it. I’ll email it over to you right away.

    I vote for Fluffbusters.

  5. I really like Fluffinators.

    It just sounds cool.

  6. Okay, for some reason my email at home isn’t working but my weigh in for today is 173.3… yay… 1 pound…

  7. I like Fluffbusters 🙂

  8. OK. 170.8 yesterday. 26.47% body fat. (phew! I was SO scared it was going to be 1/3!)

    I vote for WLW. Then Fluffbusters.

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