Hello! I’m the newb!

I get awkward when I have to introduce myself, so please bear with me when this sounds like I had a few margaritas before I started typing. I swear I’m sober.
I’m Apple and I’m overweight, according to my BMI, which fails to take into an account my enormous, hulking muscles that make my deeply tanned and oiled skin look like beautiful hills and valleys of good health. Or… I’m fluffy. As of right now, I weigh 157.2 (it was a lot more when I just weighed myself with my clothes on, nearly causing me to pass out and eat a bag of Cheetos to console myself.) and I’m working towards a goal weight of 145. This may not seem like enough of a weight loss to participate in a blog over it, but I have another challenge on top of that. I’m trying to lose these 12ish pounds before my husband comes home from a two month business trip the first week of June. No pressure, right? I have five weeks left, which would have been totally do-able if I wasn’t stressed out of my mind. I’m a stress eater. I tend to reach for things that are completely unhealthy to snack on which is very bad because I have a family history of heart disease at an early age. My health is my number one concern, but my weight is a part of that also and comes at a close #2. Adding to my challenge, we have two children who make working out very hard. I don’t have access to a gym that would be okay with them sitting in the corner quietly (ha! I make jokes!) and I can’t very well go for a jog because, well, they’re short and can’t keep up. I can’t even walk briskly. So, here I am, trying to lose weight through diet (not ON a diet, but by watching what I eat) and what little exercise I can scrape up online and on my circa 1775 Windsor Pilates VHS tape that the sound is pretty much gone on. I’ve got some challenges, but what I lack in opportunity, I make up for in determination. Once my hubs gets back, I’ll have a lot more gym/running/look, my heart actually DOES still work stories. Until then, I could sure use some support to help me get as close to my goal of 145 before June as possible.

9 responses to “Hello! I’m the newb!

  1. Everyone is welcome. And while 12 pounds doesn’t seem like much to me NOW, I remember how hard it was when I needed to “just lose 5 pounds!”

    My point is, the number doesn’t matter, we’re here to cheer you on, and as long as you feel good, we feel good.

    And I pretty much love your name.

  2. Here, here, MomBabe! The number doesn’t matter. You have a great goal and can totally do it. I am posting a couple of ideas for you to try. They will help and they ARE NOT easy.

    * QUIT SUGAR – completely and totally. It makes a huge difference as long as you can live through the withdrawals the first few days.

    *Find healthy foods that make you feel CONTENT. Nothing earth shattering here. Stick to fruits and veggies for snacking.

    *A good protein drink you can stand helps with the mid-afternoon slump. I like this one: http://www.vitacost.com/Optimum-Nutrition-100-Gold-Standard-Whey-Protein-Vanilla-Ice-Cream

    *HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF! You can do this!

  3. Welcome Apple. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 12 pounds or 120 pounds, we are happy you’re here and that you’re working toward a healthier you.

    If you cut out all junk food, eat lots of veggies, drink your daily eight glasses of water, and generally watch what you eat, you’ll lose the weight.

    As a former stress eater, I understand the issue you’re having with that. There are two ways to break this habit: 1) Eliminate your trigger foods. If M&Ms are what you reach for when you’re upset, don’t have any in the house. 2) Find a distraction for when you’re stressed. For me, it’s knitting.

    Exercise is really important too, but it doesn’t have to be anything formal. Put the children in the stroller and amble through your neighborhood. Take them to the park and climb the play structure with them. Run around the backyard playing tag. Take the stairs instead of elevators. In short, try to add more movement into your life.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the welcome, ladies!

    MomBabe- Thanks! It’s going pretty slow so far. I’ve lost 4 pounds in three weeks so I really need to kick something else into gear.

    Amy- I’ve already cut out almost all sugar and now only ingest it once a week if that. I’ve never really been a fan of sweets so that part wasn’t too hard for me. I’m also a vegetarian so the eating healthy thing works really well for me– as long as I’m not stressed out like I am now. It’s like once the stress comes, my good sense goes right out the window. Also, I have a stockpile of chocolate Slim-Fast shakes because they take care of the few cravings I DO get for sweets and it makes sure that I’m getting something in my system first thing in the morning on days when I wake up nauseas. No clue why that happens. I promise I’m not pregnant. So, those do a good job of what you mentioned in regards to the protein shake. They definitely help charge me when I’m running on E.

    Jennifer- I misread what you wrote to say “drink your weight in water”, heehee. Doesn’t it feel like that sometimes? This is something I really struggle with because I hate the sloshy feeling I get in my stomach after I’ve had water, so I have to drink it with food. Most of my water comes in the evening when I want to be reaching for something to munch on. I’d say I probably only get four of the recommended eight. Are there any “drink your eight” challenges floating around here? ; ) I’ve also gotten rid of all of the junk food and I think it would be hilarious to see me just wandering aimlessly in the kitchen before I remember there IS no junk food when I’ve got the munchies. I open the cabinets about fifty times a day before I remember there’s nothing there that doesn’t require cooking. As for finding a stress distraction, I’m working on that too. It’s not easy considering I’m in one of those 24 hour, 7 days a week stress situations. I’m an artist so I could paint, but I’m afraid I’d paint a big picture of a cheeseburger. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “torture for art.” I also read a lot so that also helps, but sometimes the stress just gets to be too much. This is when I usually go for a walk or do something outside and right now, I just can’t do that. Both girls are too big for a stroller but the bit of exercise I DO get is like you described. We just go out and start walking. I don’t have a car at the moment so we’re severly limited to what we have around us. I don’t have a back yard, I have a golf course, hahaha. I don’t go anywhere that has stairs, much less an elevator. There is a gym here, but they don’t allow children. So really, all I have right now is walking at a really ridiculously slow pace and the other few things I mentioned in my post. I promise I’m not trying to make excuses. I’m being honest about how not cool of a situation this is to be trying to lose weight. But like I said, what I lack in opportunity, I’m making up for with determination.

  5. I wish you the best of luck! 😀 Whenever you feel the onset of those crazy cravings when you just feel this incredible urge to eat everything in your pantry in less than two minutes (or at least that’s my experience!) try to stand (or sit) there, and focus on your inner body. Are you really hungry? Does your stomach feel like it needs nutrition? What would it like to eat? Give it a name and treat it like your best friend in the world that you need to take care of just as much as your children. And then, when you finish choosing what you’re really going to eat (or not eat at all) focus on how you feel afterward. Happy you didn’t eat that bag of cheetos? Does your stomach hurt a little because you ate 4 bags of them? I’ve found that just really focusing on my inner body’s needs helps A LOT. Of course my problem is always eating too much and eating when I’m not hungy.

    Also, I get that same feeling where I get really nauseous first thing in the morning sometimes, ever since I was a kid. I wondered if anyone else ever got that……

  6. Wow… some great advice here! The only thing that I would add is DANCE! Put the tunes on and boogie down with the kiddos in the front room. They will LOVE it, and it’s sweaty, breathless work.

    Plus , one thing I did was to trade off with a girlfriend for babysitting so I could get runs in.

  7. Welcome Apple! I’m so glad you found us. We’ll be interested to hear about your progress. Let us know!

  8. Welcome Apple. I also thought Jen said drink your weight in water. That would be like just about impossible in my case.

    My problem is that I know what to do. I agreed with everything everyone said. But it’s the doing what I know that gets me so often. Sounds like you are doing it.

    Maybe the insane dancing and jumping around with the kiddos will help.

  9. Marissa- Those are fantastic ideas. Last night when I got serious munchies around bedtime, I used your suggestion. I ended up drinking a glass of tea instead of eating something unnecessary. The liquid helped me feel full and the tea gave me the flavor I was craving.

    Bon- we LOVE to dance! Thankfully, my children share my love of disco so we usually have a lot of fun flailing about the house! I just wish I had a friend who would be willing to trade of sitting with me. We just moved here in November and I haven’t quite made many friends yet. Just a few acquaintances that I’m not sure I’d trust to watch my dog, let alone my children, heh.

    Randi- Thanks! I’ll keep you guys posted. If I get to crazy, just let me know!

    Toni- I’m trying to do the doing. So far I’ve got a somewhat good grasp on everything but exercising. This is, of course, all dependant on everything going well. If you add stress to the mix, I suddenly start to struggle. So, I’m trying. I just need to work on getting past life’s curveballs.

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