Fit by 40

By Jen:

I have a new goal, a new motivation, a new raison d’etre in my life. See my title up there? That’s the goal. I want to be fit by the time I’m 40. I want to hit my 40s looking better than I did in my 30s. I want to feel good about myself and know that I’m healthier than I was in the previous decade.

I have 365 days to make it happen and I will.

I’ve lost 20 pounds since November and have a total of 65 more to go until I hit my target weight. I don’t care if I’ve hit my target weight by May 2, 2009, but I want to have made Serious Progress.

If I lose a pound a week, that’s 52 pounds, which would be wonderful. But we all know how there are just some weeks where things don’t go as planned.  So I’m going to keep things realistic. I’m aiming for a pound per week, but if I have lost at least 40 by 52 weeks from now, I’ll think that’s reasonable too.

And no matter what, I won’t berate myself if I have a bad week. I’ll just get up the next day and start fresh.


7 responses to “Fit by 40

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  2. That is a FABULOUS goal.

  3. I know, but wouldn’t it be GREAT if I were saying “Thin by 30” instead? I’m not wild about this aging thing.

  4. Wooo! You GO girl!

  5. Happy Birthday Jen!!!!!!! And yay, you can do it.

  6. Great idea – good luck with it! I’ve been doing the “healthy lifestyle” thing (I hate calling it dieting – something about that word makes me hungry) since the beginning of March and whenever I’m tempted to give up I just remind myself that the time will pass even if I do nothing, and even a tiny bit of progress is better than none.

    Oh and happy birthday (again)!

  7. That’s a fabulous goal, and I’m right there with ya!

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