Okay, so I’m kinda sick of writing out “Biggest Loser: Fluffy style” all the time. I think we need a cute name for the competition. Fluffinators?

Second, I kinda feel like I’ve hijacked the blog, but oh well. I’m sure you’ll get over it.

Third, I ‘thought’ that on the show, they have the percentage in the beginning, and then in the end. Not every week in between. I thought that the winner each week was who lost the most weight. Am I wrong?

Fourth, I need those numbers. And I know lots and lots of people want to join, but at some point, I think we’ll have to have a cut off date. So, get me your stuff. (Meanwhile, should there be a cutoff date? Because what if someone finds us in three weeks and wants in? Do I add them? I don’t want to exclude anyone but I want it to be a fair competition, you know? Jen? Randi? What do you think?)

Fifth, another update.

MomBabe 217.8 32.79%
Randi 148 27.41%
Jen 196.2 27.81%
Susan 180 27.7%
Nichole 171 %
Nicki 202 27.41%
Liz 174.5 27.62%
Karen 209 28.71%
Alison 208.7 %
Tenille 269 32.02%
Marissa 198 27.7%
Sarah 271 %
Toni 305 %
Amy 213 27.34%






*to calculate your body fat %, go to http://www.fitwatch.com/qkcalc/body-fat-percentage-calculator.php plug in the numbers and let us know your results. Thanks!

Sixth, Discuss.


14 responses to “Discuss

  1. I have some thoughts. I know, it’s a special occasion.

    1. I think we should definitely have a cutoff. 16 sounds good, yes? We should just do a 12 week session and start over or something. Then, by next Saturday, if you don’t have your stats in you don’t play. The first step is committing, ya know?

    2. It would be way fun to split into teams based on stats; like each team would have equal body weight or fat percentage. The team that lost the most weight or % gets to choose the other team’s challenge for the week. For instance, “You guys don’t get to eat salt for a week”.

    Yes? No?

  2. I agree, a cute name is in order.

    Percentages were not ongoing, just to start and to finish, according to my recollection.

    It would be tragic to leave somebody out, but this “challenge” needs a cut-off. Maybe tell the newcomers (after the deadline) to join in , but they wont be on “the list”, or something like that. I don’t know…

    Weight Loss Wars seems pretty cool. It’s a great way to keep track, if nothing else!

  3. I like the idea of doing it in sessions Nicki. I also think teams would be a fun way to start out.

  4. And what about:

    Top Fluff
    The Biggest Fluffy
    American Fluff
    The Fluff Next Door
    The Amazing Fluff

    I could go all night.

  5. Or even:

    Fluff Watchers
    Fluff Takes a Hike
    All Fluffed Up
    I Feel Fluffy

  6. I watched BL: Aus edition and the way they voted people off each week was by body fat percentage?

    And I like The Biggest Fluffy!

  7. Oh, forgot my original comment – I start at the gym hopefully on Monday so I find out my weight and measurements then….would that be okay? unless you mean the saturday after this one, because in that case, its a moo point.

  8. It was by percentage. Remember how Roger kept losing more pounds, but Ali kept winning the BL for the week? She lost more % of her body weight those weeks. What I don’t know was whether they figured it from the starting week, or from each previous week. I think it was the starting week.

    Anyway – I’m torn on the cut-off thing. If we’re doing teams, I think there should be a cut off. It’s not fair to add someone with high percentages to a team half way into the competition. If it’s individuals, though, it doesn’t really matter to me. If someone joins 3 weeks late, that just gives me 3 more weeks than they had.

    I do like the idea of doing it in sessions. If we decide to have a cut off, maybe the sessions could just be a little shorter. Say 9 weeks instead of 12.

    Also, I bought an actual scale yesterday and my starting weight should be 148. Body fat % is 27.41.

    I like the name suggestions. Weight Loss Wars is my favorite.

  9. 27.81% and reading those measurements was PAINFUL.

    I don’t know anything about the TV show in question, so will not offer an opinion on details. Just tell me what to do.

  10. marissametcalf

    My body fat percentage is- 27.7% Thanks for giving us the link!

  11. I have no opinions on the competition aspect – just putting this out there is enough to shame me into getting my tush into gear. Motivate me and I’m game.
    My numbers are 222 and 27.69%

    Oh but I do like “The Biggest Fluffy”

    On BL – the winning is the percentage of weightloss for that person each week. So the person who lost 3% of their total weight won over the person who lost 2% of their total weight.


  13. marissametcalf

    Here is a body fat percentage calculator that also factors in your height (in inches!).


    It said mine is quite a bit higher than the first one. I guess we should all use one and stick with it. Just thought it was interesting to see the difference. 🙂

  14. I SO admire the contest, but I am just not at that place yet – the place where I tell my friends and family how much I weight. Good for you guys though.

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