Updated List

Here’s the latest list of participants in our biggest loser contest. If you want to be added, let me know. First weigh in is Saturday morning.

MomBabe 217.8 32.79%
Randi 145 %
Jen 196.2 %
Susan 180 27.7%
Nichole 171 %
Nicki 202 27.41%
Liz 174.5 27.62%
Karen 209 28.71%
Alison ??? %
Tenille 269 32.02%
Marissa 198 %
Sarah 271 %
Toni 305 %
*to calculate your body fat %, go to http://www.bmi-calculator.net/body-fat-calculator/ plug in the numbers and let us know your results. Thanks!
Amy         213        27.34%
Shar         ???          %

Nicki suggested challenges. I think that sounds like fun, but am not quite sure how we would work that. Unless we had challenges like, no soda this week, and no white flour, or something. If you have suggestions, put ’em up. We’d love to hear them.

And no, there will not be eliminations. Likewise, there really won’t be any prizes. unless someone wants to donate something. I volunteer to make you a badge thingy to post on your blog at the end but other than that, I got nothing.

Like I said earlier, suggestions are welcome. 😉 Thanks guys!


13 responses to “Updated List

  1. We could challenge each other to drink more water this week and/or eat more fruits and veggies.

  2. Or minimum minutes of exercise per day.
    I love the challenge idea.

    We’re doing this by percentage, right? Like they do on tv?

  3. I want to participate but i’m kinda embarrased cuz, uh, i weigh more than anyone on that list….. :S

  4. Sarah: NO ONE is judging anyone on their weight. It’s just us and a few other lurkers. We’re all friends here and friends support their friends. Don’t feel you have to join in, but I hope you will.

  5. Okay Sarah, I’m going to join in. My weight is . . um . . shoot, here goes – 305. I could use the challenges. Might make sticking to this fun. Count me in.

  6. Put me down for 145. Ugghh.

    And Yea for everyone who has joined. I admire you for making the commitment to your health!

    Caroline, I was thinking, what if the person with the most % loss gets to make up the challenge for the next week?

    I was thinking a fun challenge would be to write a 3 day menu plan with a certain number of calories/meals/protein or whatever. Then we could vote on the best or easiest or whatever the parameters are. PLUS we’d all have some nice menu plans when the challenge is over.

  7. sounds good! And yes, we can do percentages. I found a site where you can plug in your measurements and it calculates your body fat %.

    And I like the idea that whoever loses the most % decides the next challenge.

  8. Thanks for the support guys….uh, this still isn’t easy to say, but…..the last time I weighed myself (oh holy crap, i just realized it was in January) I weighed ……. 271….. *gulp*

  9. Well congrats to everyone for taking the next step to getting healthier. My rude awakening is that I had a misscarriage in July of last year and another one this past week, I think alot of it has to do with my weight. Ugh… BTW my percentage of body fat is 27.62

  10. Can I be in too? I am in need of help ladies!
    Here goes…
    My name is Amy and I weigh 213 lbs. My body fat is 27.34%. YUCKO TACO!!
    I want to lose at least 20 pounds before I try to get preggers again. I’m hoping it will be good motivation for me…

  11. Body fat 27.7% ugh! A little of subject but…I am losing weight so i can feel good in my clothes. Last night I saw an actress with a soft flowing dress and I thought how comfortable, light and breezy she appeared. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way. I have a tight waist band with a lovely muffin top, bulging back fat and a puffy (not fluffy) belly. I want my clothes to be loose and not have to constantly worry that part of me has escaped the confines of my clothing. Is that asking too much?

  12. Is it too late to join??
    As I’m addicted to blogging I figure this might be my ticket to success on the weight loss train! 🙂

  13. My body fat % is 28.71

    So how does it work? I know we weigh once a week. I weigh in at WW on Saturday, so that works. But do we also measure ourselves as well or will that be at the end of the challenge?

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