Biggest Loser, Fluffy Style

Well, I think I miscommunicated with you all. I thought you were going to send me your stuff and I’d post it all together in one spot, for easy access. Next time, people, next time.

So, this is it. The last chance to jump in. Biggest Loser, Via Fight the Fluffy is now officially ON. Over the next 12 weeks, your mission is to lose as much weight as you can through diet and exercise.

Due to my miscommunication, today’s post is a bit different than I had imagined. SO, if you’re participating, go ahead and let us know in the comments. We need your name, and your weight.

I’ll get the ball rolling here. Hi, my name is Caroline, (most of you know me as the MomBabe) and I weigh 217.

jfap9d8igbkn m,

Sorry, that was the first time I’ve ever posted my weight and I fell off my chair. ahem.

Anyways, let’s get this started!

P.S. next Saturday, email me your weight so that it can all be included in one post instead of in the comments. Just for easier viewing and such. Thanks!


12 responses to “Biggest Loser, Fluffy Style

  1. Hey Caroline. I’m seriously buying a scale TODAY, and I will give you my starting weight tomorrow.
    Sorry I wasn’t more on the ball! 🙂

  2. So sorry, I was consumed with something else this weekend.

    On Saturday, I weighed in at (sob) 196.2, which is 20 less than when I started FtF in November, but 65 more than it should be.

    I need this kick in the pants because I’ve been losing and regaining the same five pounds for two months now.

  3. 180 lbs. aaahhhhh!

  4. Can I play too? I’ve been looking for my own BL group.

    I weigh in at way more than I’d like to (171 today) and need a push to get started.

  5. Ok. Ohhhh, hold on, wait. No, ok. Shoot – wait.

    Ok….202 lbs.

    I feel nauseous.

    It’s on til the break of dawn girls. Bring it.

  6. ugh… I emailed Caroline my stats but since you all posted here I thought I would be a follower and post quickly enough to move on and hope that it never happened… 174.5.. and all of 5’1″ ugh…

  7. I’d like to join in, if I may. 🙂 Current weight 209

  8. Can I join??? I’ll check my weight in the AM and put it on here

  9. alrighty, we have two more girlies on board, but they don’t have internet (can you even believe it? me neither!)Anyways,

    Tenille – 269
    Marissa – 198

  10. Hey, are we going to have teams and challenges and stuff? And we’re not going to eliminate people, right?

    It would be so fun to have rewards for the people that lose the most each week. Could we think of something to do? There’s got to be something.

  11. I’m 198 lbs, ewwwww!! 😀 I’m looking forward to this, I’m armed with nothing more than a diet book on the psychology behind weight loss. And my inner polar bear wants a burrito. Good luck ladies!

  12. Ok cool kids! It’s on! I’m 208.7 as of this am!!
    Let’s see where this goes!!

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