Going forward with Fight the Fluffy

By Jen

Last week I asked y’all if you want to continue Fight the Fluffy or scrap it due to lack of interest. Your answer was loud and clear — let’s keep FtF going. I’m glad you think it’s a worthy cause.

I think we do need to set some parameters:

  • I encourage you all to post at least once a month, if not twice or more. Don’t feel like you have to post just for the sake of doing so, but please let us know how you’re doing, share interesting news articles and recipes, and just generally keep the content going on this blog.
  • I also ask you to comment. It’s not time consuming or difficult, so do it.

That’s it. Just two easy things.

Now some housekeeping matters. Several of you have expressed frustration about the early days of FtF when there were ten or more posts daily. I agree, the sheer volume was overwhelming. Let’s keep things a bit simpler and try to keep posts to no more than three per day. I said “TRY” and I understand that sometimes you might have a pressing issue that will need to be blogged about immediately, regardless of how many posts are already up in one day.

I could put together a schedule so that everyone posts on a certain day, but I find those to be constraining. What if I don’t feel like posting on a particular Tuesday but have something to say that Thursday? So let’s just sort of figure things out as we go along.

So, to reiterate:

  • post at least once a month
  • comment

Everyone agree?


7 responses to “Going forward with Fight the Fluffy

  1. I’m glad we’re keeping FtF! I’m off to Florida tomorrow for a week in the sun with my kiddos…let’s hope I don’t need you guys more than ever once I get back!

  2. Love it. Thanks, Jen.

  3. Sounds terrific! Thank you. I’m glad it’s continuing.

  4. No problem.

    I’m glad it is sticking around.

  5. Well I’m glad you linked this on your site MomBabe or I would have never found it.. 🙂 I read back to August 07 and thought that I might still be able to be a “writer” for the blog. Can I? Can I? huh? huh? 🙂

  6. Sounds cool. I’ll be more regular about reading, commenting and posting.

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