Biggest Loser, fluffy style

Yay! I’m so excited that people want to do this. I thought about responding individually to the people that are interested, but then I figured, why not post this once and for all, and if there’s questions, I’ll add ’em. Just so we have some ground rules. (not that there’s like, rules)


The official Start will be Sunday. That’s when I’ll post our stats and progress and stuff. So, Sunday to Saturday, you try your darnedest to lose as much weight as you can. Weigh in should be Saturday mornings, (because we all know that you weigh less in the morning) After you weigh in, email me your results, and I’ll put ’em up.

This contest will be over the course of 12 weeks. After that time, we’ll see who our winner is.  (and no, you won’t win any money…. You’ll just be cuter, m’kay?)

ALSO, make sure to take your measurements!!! I will need your Height, as well as waist, hip, forearm, and wrist measurements. Then I’ll plug them into this site to get body fat readings… it’s not the most accurate, but, it can be done online and not in person, so Score!!!

I’m so excited that we’re going to do this. Everyone is welcome to participate.  Like I said, just email me your stats and measures to sweetmommybingham(at) gmail (dot) com

We’ll have the official Kick Off post this Sunday!


4 responses to “Biggest Loser, fluffy style

  1. Jen on the Edge

    I’m in!

  2. Ok- I’m definitely in.
    Thanks, Caroline!

  3. Okay, I’m in.. I just did this with my sisters and my mom and it didn’t work out too well so I’m definately in for this… I am a few days late for stats but I’ll send em your way.. 🙂

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