The Future of Fight the Fluffy

By Jen

Have y’all noticed how quiet it’s been around here in recent weeks? Most of the people listed over there on the right haven’t posted in a while — weeks or even months. Comments are down down down. I’ve been keeping an eye on our stats and our readership is slowly and steadily declining.

From all of this I can make two conclusions: Either everyone has lost all the weight they want to OR people are losing interest in this blog. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

So, I’m going to put this out there for a debate and vote: What should we do with Fight the Fluffy? Keep it going or put it out of its misery? If it’s the former, then we need to see some renewed and sustained vigor. If it’s the latter, each one of us could write about our successes and failures on our own blogs and then everyone else could comment, cheer, and/or console.

So PLEASE leave a comment and let me know what you think. Let’s leave discussion open until next Friday. Lack of comments on y’all’s parts will be considered votes of disinterest.

Thanks for your participation. Enjoy your weekend.


15 responses to “The Future of Fight the Fluffy

  1. Hey I like reading Fight the Fluffy and was even considering asking if I could be a “chickadee,” even though I’m not sure I’m cool enough for that 😉 I say keep it!

  2. Sidelined for the next nine months or so… but it would be nice to have this blog to come back to. I won’t be doing any posting or much commenting though, so … yeah.

  3. I haven’t had the time or energy to post on my own blog lately, let alone over here….but I’m 2 lbs from my goal and it’s in large part due to the support I found here. And I’d love if that support was there as I try to maintain this new life and weight. I’ll do better….promise!

  4. I really enjoy it too. I love the support. What did you have in mind when you created it? Do you want recipes, accountability for exercising? I know I enjoyed some of the articles that were posted.

    I’m wondering if everyone is just out enjoying the spring weather lately and will return to write when the heat sets in.

  5. I say keep it, I enjoy reading about what works and what doesn’t, I enjoy the feeling of support…and while I haven’t posted yet its only because my life is so completely crazy at the moment I can’t even start to think of weight loss right now — I need to focus on passing my semester & finding myself a home. But I will be posting once all of this settles down, and I would love for it to be here to actually post on. Pretty please?

  6. I hve been reading nearly everyday…..I even asked to join but didn’t hear anything back….

  7. Tanya — Email me offline and I’ll hook you up.

  8. awe, I like reading everyone’s success…

  9. Obviously the contributors should do what works best for your schedules – since you’re the ones doing all the posting – but I do like reading it & I hope you keep it. Actually, I should bookmark this site so I don’t have to click through Jen’s blog everytime I want to see what’s up over here!

  10. Please leave this blog up 😦 I love it!

  11. Yeah, so I’m one of the MIAs on the right column. When the blog first got going, there were like 10 posts a day, and I couldn’t keep up with all content.

    I really like the blog and I like the concept. I hope you’ll decide to keep it up. I’ll do better at contributing and commenting, I promise!!

    -WW Paul

  12. I’m guilty as charged. For a long while, the weight was coming off – 1 to 2 pounds a week without trying all THAT much. Then I got lax in my eating habits – or indulgent was the word maybe – and blah, blah, blah. You probably all know what I mean.

    This is a great concept for a blog. I would certainly like to redouble my posting efforts if anyone else is game.

  13. As a reader, not a poster, I can only hope that you decide to keep the blog. I find it interesting and supportive. And if anyone out there can tell me how to keep motivated after that initial rush of easy to lose pounds I’d really appreciate it. My logical mind says it takes time, but emotionally I still want the quick fix.

  14. I love reading and posting here and hope it stays. I’m guilty of not posting as often as I should, and will totally recommit if the blog is left up.

  15. (hanging my head in shame) Sheesh Jen, way to make us accountable. sigh.

    I’ve been MIA, but I’ll do better! I swear!

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