I Can Make You Thin

OK well maybe I can’t, but Paul Mckenna can. I have been watching a new 5 week TV series called “I can make you thin” on TLC and it totally rocks. The stuff he teaches, isn’t rocket science, but the way he presents it makes all the difference. I started doing it hand in hand with WW and have seen a huge difference. The difference is mostly in how I feel. I feel healthier, and lighter if that makes sense.

His diet, isn’t really a diet it’s a way of life (much like WW). To be thin, you need to think and act like naturally thin people do. Naturally thin people eat cheese, and chocolate, and everything else they love, they just don’t eat it to excess. He has 4 simple rules, and if you stick to them he swears you will loose weight. Here are his rules

  1. When you are hungry, eat. If you put off eating your metabolism slows down.
  2. Eat what you want. He really means eat what you want. If you are eating something because you think you should then throw it out. Only eat what inspires you.
  3. Eat slowly, very slowly. If there is a catch this would be it. He wants you to take a bite, put your fork down, and chew and enjoy the food. Eating should be enjoyable an un-distracted.
  4. When you feel full quit. As you eat slowly, listen to what your body is telling you, and stop eating when you start to feel full. He says on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not hungry, and 10 being about to pass out you should eat when you feel like a 4 and stop at 7. This dramatically cuts back the amount you eat. You are still eating things you enjoy just not to excess (like WW). Paul points out the fact that we are not living in a time were food is hard to get, so if you feel like you are done eating, and find yourself hungry in 15 minutes, then go eat again. It’s not like we don’t have food available just about anytime we want it.

Most of us come from a “clean you plate” mentality, we are to worried about “wasting” food. The thing we need to realise is the moment the food is cooked, its wasted. You can leave it on your plate, or leave it on your butt, whatever you want.

After trying this for a few weeks, I have found that my taste for food is changing. When I take the time to taste what I’m eating I have found that things I thought I liked, I really don’t. I have also found foods that I now LOVE, like snap peas.

TLC has been playing these show in rerun, but I do suggest watching them in order. If you can Tivo them I would.

Has anyone else found something that is really working for them?


10 responses to “I Can Make You Thin

  1. hey! I thought about doing a post on this yet thought that TLC was only a Canadian channel (for some odd reason)…

    It sounds like quite a sensible “diet”…one that I already follow (I’m working on the stopping when you’re full part, but it gets easier everyday, I just have to REALLY listen). But what do you do when you’re never hungry? If I listened to my body to clue me in, I would probably only eat every other day….bah.

  2. I’ve not seen this but I love those tips you shared – thanks! When I lose weight, it’s because I 1) Eat when I’m full and 2) Don’t eat when I’m not.

    Revolutionary! I have gained almost three pounds over the last five weeks. I’ve also felt uncomfortably full much of the time, telling me I’m eating when I’m not hungry and when I am hungry, eating past the point of being sated.

  3. Sarah I have the same problem. He did mention that in the beginning you may not be able to tell when you are hungry, because you have learned to tune it out. I have found that if it has been a long time since I have eaten, if I have a healthy snack, it will trigger the feeling of being hungry. Then I go eat. I still don’t feel like I can totally tell when I’m hungry, but I’m working on it.

    Keetha, I’m glad this was helpful. It is so simple, and so true.

  4. I suppose you have a point Monica, an actually really good one – I’ve been skipping meals since the 6th grade, so my body has had 11 years of conditioning itself wrongly. (if that made any sense?)
    Right now I try to “force-feed” myself 3 meals a day plus a snack; they don’t have to be big or anything. Just something to get me back into the habit of eating regularly so my body isn’t in “starvation mode” anymore. 🙂

  5. I’ve been wondering about this show. I browsed through it once and he was doing a tapping thing with seemed a little um, out there.
    I’m glad to know he’s got some good tips!

  6. JustRandi- You really need to watch the shows in order for them to make sense. I thought the tapping was a little odd myself, but if it works, I’m game. My mother is COMPLETLY addicted to chocolate, and after trying his method to get over addictions she says the thought of chocolate makes her sick.

  7. I haven’t watched the series, but it sounds so interesting. I am glad it is working for you, you will be thinner in NO TIME!

  8. This is so interesting. I haven’t seen this show, so I’m thinking I might have to start. Thanks for all the ideas.

  9. Great tips – especially #4. I’ve never heard that one before and I’m going to try it. It does sound like it takes a little while to learn how to properly gauge your level of hunger.

    I’m also going to see if episodes of this show are available OnDemand.

  10. I haven’t seen the tapping thing he does, but it sounds to me like EFT which I have had really good results with in other areas of my life. It does seem a little “out there” but it really does work.

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