By Jen:

I’m spending all of today in a seminar related to a professional certification I’m working on.  Before I arrived this morning, I thought about what I’d need for the day.  I knew that drinks, including lots of water, would be provided.  I knew that we’d be eating boxed sandwiches for lunch.  I also knew there was a vending machine full of junky foods, in case people got hungry later in the day.  This last possibility worried me, as I knew I could very easily make bad choices if I were hungry enough.  So, just in case, I packed some healthy snacks.

Lunch was exactly as I predicted it would be.  I ate less than half of the ginormous sandwich, splurged by having only a few of the chips in the single serving bag, and completely ignored the over-salted pasta salad.  Consequently, I feel good about having not overeaten, especially since I am now not in a food-induced stupor and can actually pay attention to the instructor.  (Well, except that I’m obviously blogging right now…)

Interestingly enough, a couple of catering people came in a little while ago and set out light snacks for us: fruit and granola bars.  It’s nice that someone thought of that detail and that the snacks are healthy.  All the same, I’ll stick with the small container of almonds and raisins I packed.

So I’m feeling pretty good right now.  I ate a healthy breakfast, didn’t overindulge and lunch, and have a mid-afternoon snack if I need it. 

Now if only my seminar were just a little bit more interesting…


2 responses to “Prepared

  1. Every successful victory counts! It always feels good. Good luck on the certification.

  2. Good for you! My sister always laughs when I bring my own muffins when we meet at Starbucks, but I bake healthy ones and freeze them individually. I throw some in my purse when I know that I’ll be in temptation’s way – and then I always have something for hungry kids as well!

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