Too many compliments

I was at my daughter’s dance class this morning (after a 3 week hiatus) and all the moms started complimenting and questioning me about my weight loss.  They kept going on about how much I’ve lost, and how fast I’ve lost it.  But it hasn’t been that fast, it’s just that they’ve only just noticed.  Partly that’s because I’ve gotten into smaller clothes, which has inspired me to get my hair done, and put on make-up….I look better all around.

The conversation made me very uncomfortable.  I’d prefer no one to comment on my weight at all – a simple, “hey!  You look great!” is nice, but these ladies went on and on.  I think they were trying to be nice, and maybe some of them were hoping for tips, but it sent me straight home to my children’s easter basket. 

Why did it make me so anxious and uncomfortable? 


8 responses to “Too many compliments

  1. The same thing happens with me. I think it’s because if people compliment me on losing weight, I feel like I must have looked REALLY fat and bad before, and clearly people noticed, and so it makes me feel depressed. But this is just me and my own psychotic self.

  2. Jen on the Edge

    Because most women don’t know how to take compliments? You do look terrific, so just bask in the glory!

  3. I have the same problem. I find that I get frustrated when people don’t notice, but embarrassed when they do.

  4. I know what you are talking about, but I actually WAS pretty… erm… LARGE, and 50 pounds is noticeable even on a large woman. The worst was when a guy actually REMINDED me of how he had mistakenly asked me when I was due, a good month after having HAD my third freakin’ baby. I think that was his characteristically (for him) dumb a@@ way of saying “hey, you look nice, and I totally don’t think you look pregnant anymore.”

    I have just determined to myself to listen to the compliments and GLOW. My response is often something alone the lines of “Thank you! I have worked HARD!” Turns it into a win/win/win situation.

  5. Soak it up. Be glad they notice your hard work. Gaining weight is the easy part, taking it off is the hard part.

  6. You deserve all the happiness and if others compliment you on the way you look, accept it. As Monica said “I find that I get frustrated when people don’t notice, but embarrassed when they do.” Enjoy it.

  7. I think it’s a self-image thing. One blog I read is a woman who lost over 100 pounds. She looks really great. But now she’s worried that her arms look too skinny.

    I think if we all learned to love ourselves for who we are, not what we look like, then we will be more comfortable enjoying our healthier bodies.

    You have worked hard, and you deserve the credit and praise they gave you. Enjoy it.

  8. hold your head up and say, hell yeah, I am damn hot. 😉

    It is hard, but sure is nice to have it recognized.

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