Losing ground

By Jen

I’ve lost a bit of ground in the past couple of weeks.  I slipped on my food resolutions, allowed my portion sizes to increase in size, and snacked more than I should.  Consequently, I’ve gained back a few pounds.  Luckily, I’ve kept up my level of exercise.  I shudder to think how bad things could have gotten if I had not.

There’s no real reason for any of this, other than a lack of thought.  That’s all.  But I am now reminded of how easy it is to slip and lose ground.  Even though it’s only a few pounds, my body has really told me how much it hates those pounds.  I’ve felt bloated and ungainly.

So this week and next I’ll be recalibrating things.  Writing down what I eat.  Tracking how much water I drink.  Thinking carefully about every bite of food that goes into my mouth BEFORE it goes into my mouth.

Hopefully, when I step on the scales again in a week, I’ll be pleased with what I see.


4 responses to “Losing ground

  1. But then when you come to the UK you’ll be tossing caution to the wind?

  2. Jen on the Edge

    Guider: I’ll be trying to find a balance between enjoying my vacation and not going completely overboard.

  3. I think writing down what you eat again will help – I forgot to take my journal to my parents, so I didn’t do it at all this weekend, and I know that I ate more easter treaties than I would’ve otherwise. Be vigilant for a week or two, and those pounds should come off again pretty easily.

    And there’s a lot more to look forward to in the UK than food….though unfortunately, all the food I look forward to when in the UK is fish and chips, chocolate, biscuits, and crisps….so, um….good luck with that!

  4. Sigh… yeah, writing it all down is the key. A pain in the canolli, but the key nonetheless.

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