What Was I Thinking????

I just walked a 5K + about another .5 mile in less than 90 minutes.  Must.  Die.  Now.

P.S.  I’ve got 2 more days to go and I’ll have exercised every day of Lent.  Woot!


5 responses to “What Was I Thinking????

  1. Way to go!

    I’ll have to try that next year for Lent. This year I gave up soda. I can now say I am totally free of my addiction to soda.

  2. What a great thing to do for Lent! You must be so proud of yourself. I know I am.

  3. Go you! You’re doing so much better than me on the exercise front. I’m not sure whether to be ashamed or inspired….both?

  4. Woo HOOO! You go girl!

  5. Great stuff! Congrats on the training!

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