I need “Queer Eye for the Fluffy Gal”

By Jen

One of the frustrations I’m facing with losing weight is my wardrobe. I’m currently between sizes, so I can either opt to wear things that are too big or too tight. Depending on what the item of clothing is will determine which way I go.

Today, for example, I had a business lunch and had to look nice. Normally, I wear jeans or yoga pants for my arduous commute down to my home office in my basement. Today, however, I had to ramp it up a bit. Makeup, jewelry, and shoes that don’t have a comfy athletic sole. I needed a nice outfit, but which one? I have dress pants that are much too big and some that will fit better in about 5-10 pounds. I ended up going with the latter pants and wore a really great long jacket that really made the outfit and covered my hips and butt. But I was just so uncomfortable and I ended up wearing that outfit for over three hours. (I’m home now and back to wearing my comfy jeans.)

On a different note, in a couple of weeks, my family will be going on vacation. Ten days in England. (Feel free to hate me.) I’m not planning to do laundry while we’re gone, so I’ll need to pack enough clothes to get me through that time. I’m fine for shirts and sweaters, but right now, I have exactly three pairs of casual pants that fit me. I also have pants in the next size down, but they’re just too uncomfortable to wear. It’s possible I’ll lose enough weight in the next two weeks that the pants will fit, but I can’t count on that. (I do have about six pairs of cropped pants and capris, but I don’t think it will be warm enough for me to pack those.) So I’m trying to decide if I should go shopping at Target and pick up at least one more pair of pants to tide me over. I normally wouldn’t mind except that it’s the end of winter and I’ll wear these pants for, at most, a month. If they still fit me next fall, then I have a whole new set of issues I’ll be blogging about in October.

So that’s what’s on my mind these days. I’m obsessed with fashion, which is just not how I usually roll.


12 responses to “I need “Queer Eye for the Fluffy Gal”

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  2. Ahhh, the @#%$ “wardrobe for the shrinking gal” issue.

    I am no help to you. I have the one pair of jeans that fit, the quickly fading yoga pants, and the elastic waist cargo pants… and I’d be pretty torqued if I found myself having to invest in a new pair of pants at this time of year for precisely the reasons you have detailed.

    Do you have the time to hit up the local Goodwill store and track down a pair for five bucks or so?

  3. Lord no, don’t bring capris, it is frelling freezing here, I’m living in jeans.

  4. Jen on the Edge

    Guider: Ah, that’s what I thought.

    Bon: You’re right, I should hit up the Goodwill or Salvation Army. There are two here in my town that are actually pretty nice. Perks of living in a college town!

  5. Jen – for up to date weather before you leave, go here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/ and put in the most northern and most southern town you are visiting to get the mins and maxs expected. That’s right, us Brits care so much about the weather, the BBC has a dedicated channel for it.

  6. But the pants might be on sale at Target – end of the season and all! Go and see…

  7. End of season sales – not so hard on the pocketbook. Seeing as Pete’s giving up an arm and a d$$$.
    What about spending $10 -15 and having pants that are too big tailored? You still have time and then you get extra mileage out of your existing wardrobe.

  8. Tailoring is definitely a great option; there’s a great one over in Meadowbrook.

    And don’t discount how easy it will be to lose weight during a week of British food! (fish n’ chips and proper Mars Bars excluded…) As the first-generation American daughter of a British family, I’m afraid I know whereof I speak.

  9. I feel your pain! And the worst part is, you know that you should be thrilled about the weight you’ve already lost, but it’s hard not having anything to wear! And it’s hard spending money, when you’re not at the size you want to be. I would buy yourself another pair of pants though, because you want to feel good on holiday (and look your best in those holiday photos!) and it’ll be easier to stay on track while you’re away if you do. I’m taking the kids to Florida in another month, and I have absolutely zero summer clothes that will fit me….I’m debating hitting Goodwill and Old Navy, or just waiting to hit Target when I’m there…oh I wish we had Target….I’ll probably split my (extremely limited) budget between the two.

    Have a fabulous trip! And pack some sweaters, that British weather is unpredictable!

  10. I went to London last year and somehow LOST 2 pounds in the 10 days I was there, even though I certainly didn’t skimp on my meals and drank like a fish. So there’s hope yet, Jen!

    (btw, I contribute it to all the sightseeing I did – ie; walking around all day – and I noticed they aren’t too big on mayonnaise on anything, oddly enough…..)

  11. Seraphyna – except french fries. They eat mayo (or salad cream as they call it!) on french fries. Or at least they did when I lived there…..

  12. Eww, salad cream and mayonnaise are two different things! Love mayo with my chips though it’s more of a Belgian thing than a British one. Salad cream has vinegar in and tastes GROSS!

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