790 #*@$% calories!!!!!

I haven’t been counting points or calories, but as I’ve been preparing almost all of my food myself, I have had a pretty good idea of what I’m eating.  I’ve become a bit obsessive compulsive when eating out though, looking up menus and nutritional analysis before going out.  Today I didn’t have a chance.  I was at the mall with a friend, and we decided to do lunch.  The food court, with my usual salad, was a zoo, so we went to Johnny Rockets.

I’ve never been there before, and I did know going in that a burger joint was unlikely to be the diet-friendliest of places.  I debated the veggie burger, but I’m not crazy about soy, and they’re not always that much lighter in fat or calories.  It would’ve been a better choice today.  I ordered the original burger, without cheese, and a diet coke.  I ate about 3/4 of the burger.  I googled the calories when I got home….790.  And I didn’t order any fries or onion rings!  I didn’t eat any of the kid’s, either.

 Needless to say, there will be no dessert tonight, and my dinner will consist of salad with the lightest of light vinaigrettes, and some cauliflower roasted without oil.  Sigh.


3 responses to “790 #*@$% calories!!!!!

  1. Don’t beat yourself up over and don’t starve yourself tonight. Just scale back a little over the next few days and it will be okay.

  2. Johnny Rockets is impossible. The smell of alone of all the fried food, makes you feel like you gain 10 pounds. I would just start again, with your usual program, with your next meal. You have been doing so awesome!! Don’t sweat it. Going out to eat can be so tricky, no matter how hard we try to plan. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing, and you’ll be fine.

  3. Oh! OUCH!

    Freaking burgers!

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