“Do you mind if I ask how it happened?”

The other night I went to a GNO dinner with some friends. When I walked in (wearing new skinnier clothes) everyone commented on how much progress I have made. The conversation quickly went to a photo I keep up in my house of my chubbier days. One of the girls asked the other if she has seen that photo of me, and them commented on how it didn’t even look like me.

She then asked me “Do you mind if I ask how it happened? How did you put on that much weight? I was taken back, not offended, just taken back. How did it happen? What led to me gaining so much weight? If I can’t figure out how I got here, how can I prevent it from coming back in the future.

So after obsessing about this for a few days, and at the risk of it sounding like a bunch of excuses, this is how I packed on 63lbs of extra weight on my small 5ft 2 frame.

When I got married I was really tiny, I mean really tiny. I had my first child really young, I was 18 years old (almost 19) and had no one around to teach me how I should eat or exercise when pregnant. So I didn’t.

When I gave birth to sissy I once again had no one giving me advise on how to go about loosing the weight. So I didn’t.

When sissy was 6 weeks old we found out she has a really rare genetic disease, and I spent the bulk of the first year at a children’s hospital. I was by myself (hubby had to work a lot), scared, and eating cafeteria food. So with baby number one I packed on 20lbs and kept it on.

Then I got pregnant with baby number 2. This pregnancy was difficult, and I was on bed rest for a while before giving birth to a preemie. Once again I found myself in a NICU.

When he was home and doing well, my hubby and I decided that it was time to give up his comfortable job, and go back to school. We packed up our little family and headed far far away from all our family, and any help I had. I took with my 20 more lbs. from that pregnancy, and added 20 more trying to put my hubby through school, take care of two kids, and work (at a fast food place which contributed to the 20lbs from school).

When I got pregnant with baby number 3 I cried. I knew that my body couldn’t physically handle any more weight. I was granted a small miracle, and while being pregnant with little man I lost 30lbs (without being sick). I took this blessing and ran with it and have taken more weight off with the help of weight watchers (and good friends guiding me). I have less than 10lbs to go (this will not put me back at prebaby weight, but I don’t care to be that small ever again).

I’m sorry for the long novel, but I feel the need to figure out what went wrong. All I can come up with is life is what happened. I guess I just need to be more vigilant, and not let the little traumas in my life keep me from taking care of myself.

So, Do you mind if I ask you how it happened?


5 responses to ““Do you mind if I ask how it happened?”

  1. Jen on the Edge

    For me, it was a combination of two pregnancies and lots of stress eating, with some some bad eating habits thrown in for good measure.

    22 pounds down, 63 to go.

  2. Heh. Just not paying attention. I have never been really thin, just a little overweight. Then I got divorced and quit meth at age twenty seven; add forty pounds in three months. Served a mission; add ten. Got married; add ten. Three babies at almost twenty pounds a pop.

    Yup… that’ll do ‘er.

  3. I almost wish it had been that way for me. Mostly, I was/am just lazy. Depression contributed, and I got into that cycle of eating because I was depressed and getting depressed because I was eating so much. Mostly though? The laziness. =P

  4. mmm, going to boarding school at age 13 and not fitting in; leaving home at 17 and being on student welfare (lots and lots of KD&hamburger), working fast food, not excerising, quitting drugs, and a lovely thing called an incredible amount of laziness.

    Yep, that’ll do it every time.

  5. Ten years at a desk job, 4 very large babies (each with a good case of PPD afterwards), fast food, and an extreme love of chocolate.


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