Please Don’t Give Up, Please Be Strong

I have been on Phase One of Bob Greene since the beginning of the year, mainly because I haven’t had a full four weeks of sticking to it.  It isn’t working for me.  In fact, on Sat. 2/23 I hopped on the scale because I was feeling heavier, and as I suspected I shot up four pounds.  That was it.  I pulled out my aresenal of books, including all my weight watchers books.  I didn’t join, but I started the program.

 I have been counting points for two weeks now.  I am ecstatic because I have lost 12 pounds.  I realize that is just the water loss, but it’s still a boost to my ego. And I need that emotional high to keep me going.

 My husband used to say that he could tell when I was on a diet and exercise routine for six weeks, because that was about the time that I would quit.  Why is that?  Isn’t that the right time for it to be a habit, solidly placed in my routine?  But at six weeks I subconsciously decided that it was long enough and I would stop.  In the last couple of years I have really declined, only sticking to a “healthy, new life” for a week or less.  But I have surpassed one week this time.

Yesterday was not my best day.  It wasn’t really bad, but just not really good.  Today I was inclined to follow yesterday’s pattern.  Old habits pull so strong on me.  I have been walking around all morning talking to myself.  Please don’t give up.  Please be strong.  Please keep going.  It feels so good and it will feel even better.  You can do this.  Please don’t give up.  Please be strong.



5 responses to “Please Don’t Give Up, Please Be Strong

  1. Keep that dialogue going…it’s so much easier to face up to things and fight when the voices aren’t just in your head!

    Congrats on the 12 pounds. That is so not just water weight. You rock!

  2. Hey Toni – congratulations on the 12 pounds! That’s awesome! I think we all tend to hit a point where we self-sabotage sometimes…unconsciously or not. I’ve been depressed about the weather, being stuck in the house, and I noticed that my snacking was creeping up, and I was drinking less water. I really find that writing about those feelings here helps. I clear my head, breathe, make better choices again.

    And thanks for your advice the other day – I bribed the Princess with buying the ingredients to make chocolate pudding and whipped cream for dessert so that she would go outside for a walk with me, both kids were happy using the mixer and licking out the bowl, and seeing those happy faces covered with whipped cream and chocolate cheered me up too. Then we put a futon mattress on the floor and practised somersaults and crazy ‘gymnastics’ until bedtime. I didn’t even eat the pudding or whipped cream!

    Don’t give up, a few blips are normal…you’re doing so well, and if you need to rant or rave, that’s what we’re all here for!

  3. Jen on the Edge

    You are doing so great. You WILL succeed, I just know it.

  4. There is no way the 12 lbs is all water weight, so give yourself more credit for the hard work.

    I find that if I tell myself that I can’t have something, then I obsess more about having it. If I feel like giving in and having a little chocolate, then whatever. I’m trying on getting rid of the guilt.

    A friend of mine has a good solution. She keeps her stash of goodies in a inconvenient place so that she has to really want it to put for the effort in getting it.

    Don’t give up you can totally do this.

  5. 12 pounds is ROCKIN’! Keep on giving yourself the props, keep on taking to yourself. You CAN do this. You ARE strong. And even when you aren’t, you can dig back in to the good living right NOW!

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