Hello out there!

By Jen

Yo Fluffy people!  Things have been a bit quiet here lately.  Where is everyone?  Are you all out exercising regularly and don’t have time to blog/comment?  Check in and let us all know what’s going on, even if it’s not weight/health related.

I’ll go first:  I’m walking daily — usually 2.5 miles during the week and 3-4 on the weekends.  I’m eating pretty well and am JUST SO DARN READY for spring vegetables and fruits.  I’ve noticed some unhealthy snacking creeping in lately, so I’m trying to practice CONSTANT VIGILANCE (that’s a phrase for the Harry Potter fans — anyone recognize it?).  We have a lot going on here in Jenworld (work, family stuff, and an exciting project that I hope to announce in a week or two), but mentally I’m not feeling too stressed as of yet.

How about the rest of you?


8 responses to “Hello out there!

  1. I’m sucking. I went ice skating and that is the ONLY form of exercise I have had in a month.

    Back on track today.

  2. constant vigilance is so tough when it’s 25 degrees out and snowing…you southern girls have it waaaaay easier than us up north folk.

  3. I’m running or walking or hitting the stationary bike on Mon, Wed, Thurs; Saturday usually brings a 4-5 mile run, and my brutal workouts on Tues and Fri are still kicking my can!

    Literally beating me up! I have a huge welt and bruise across my back from a training exercise yesterday!

    Trying to focus on whole grains and less crap… but for the past three weeks it’s been all I can do to just maintain my losses. It’s better than gaining though.

  4. Um, I’m embarrassed. No exercise in weeks, have been back-sliding on the healthy eating habits. So.

  5. Ummm, I’m just a lazy fart.

    BUT I’m going to the open call casting for Biggest Loser on Saturday.

    (keep your fingers crossed that they pick me!!!)

  6. I got down to my lowest weight yet – 182.6!

    Then jumped back up again via a doughnut, some cookies, and a huuuuge piece of pie.

    But…I didn’t eat near as much as I once would have. I’m getting better. Slowly. But I’m getting better. We’ve been hugely sick in our family the last few months, but am finally feeling up to moving about again. This week? On comes the exercising. Yeah!

  7. I think I’m hitting a plateau….probably because I’ve been hitting the bag of cookies a little more often than I should. I will be better again as soon as the snow GOES AWAY. Which, this being Canada, should be around May.

  8. I’m stressed out and burnt out. We are moving, and rearranging our business, and trying to decide to rent out our old house or sell it.

    My hubby and I finally said “screw it” and ran off to Vegas for the weekend. (I got lucky and missed the big snow storm while in Vegas.)

    With all this going on I have been able to maintain my weight which I consider a HUGE victory.

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