What I Did Over President’s Day Weekend

Did I toe the Weight Watchers line?  Ahem.  No.

I held out for all of one day, and then I caved completely and ate the purest crap ever eaten by a human being, in too large of portions.  Sadly, by the second day I was positive I was pregnant because I was walking about feeling nauseated, and periodically exhausted all day.  Yup, welcome to the world of potato chips, cookies, fast food and crap-chocolate.  Three days of stupidity.

…aaaaaaand I’m back!

It was not all idiocy on my part, and when I was not having my mini-crashes I was having a darn good time.  Out on the sand dunes at Snow Canyon, the walk from the parking lot out to where we were playing was a little over a quarter mile and I felt like I was just swinging over the deep sandy track as I went back and forth to use the bathroom near the lot, it was effortless.  Three times in two hours; another reason I mistakenly thought that I was PG.  I was the one to go chasing after errant kids, I was the one to hit the pool (lovely heated pool) every time with the kiddos and play the whole time, I was the one who got up the two weekday mornings (I don’t workout/exercise on the Sabbath) to hit the road for four to five mile runs.  And about the running, I don’t know how much closer to sea level St. George, UT is from the Valley where I live… but it’s got to be fairly significant.  I had SO MUCH AIR!  Wheeeee!

I had the shocking experience on the last day of being flirted at (wouldn’t I have to be cognizant of what was going on for it to have been with?)… nay, hit on by some random guy at the local convenience store.  I am so used to being the invisible, fat housefrau herding three little kids in stores, that it took quite a bit of effort on his part for me to even realize what was going on.   Funny, perhaps I will have to be more on my guard once again.

Nah…. how often am I sans kids?

It was spring time there.  I was wearing a pair of Dadguy’s shorts and flip flops half the time.  I am sad to be back home, with the lousy air quality, the grey skies, the cold and the snow.  Bleah.   But I am glad to be back to my routine, my kitchen, and my usual life.


2 responses to “What I Did Over President’s Day Weekend

  1. Sometimes we’re all gonna fall back and pig out on crap – I’m so proud of you for not beating yourself up about it, just shaking it off and moving on! I’m going to need you, and your attitude, next time I fall off the wagon! All the exercise and play sound great, I just noticed yesterday how much more energy I have with my kids, how much more physical and exuberant and silly our play has become. I love it. Keep going, you’re doing so great!

  2. You have the greatest attitude. I love it!

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