Y’all were SO right!

I did as you said, I went out on Tuesday and bought myself a pair of new jeans.  Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, just a basic, straight-legged pair in dark denim.  I wore them out today, and the first person I saw (that I know, I mean) immediately said “You’ve lost a ton of weight!  Like, overnight!  You look great, how’d you do it?” That felt pretty good.  I felt pretty good.  And it was also great having 5 pairs of pants in the dressing-room and they all fit.  I got to choose the pair that I liked best and was the most flattering – I didn’t have to just pray that the store would have something that I’d be able to do up!


5 responses to “Y’all were SO right!

  1. YAY! Honestly, for me – when I FEEL like I look better, I actually do better on my program. Those pants will make all the difference!

    Great job!

  2. I’m SO GLAD! Yay you!!!

  3. Oh yeah! Go Badness!

  4. I was astounded to realize shopping was a little fun when the clothes actually look good on you.

    Yea for the compliment!!

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