In the past few months, as I have been learning new food habits and changing the way I eat, one of the areas that has faced a lot of scrutiny is snacks.  I am a snacker, which is a hard habit to break.  Afternoons are the time when I most want to snack.  For years, I usually skipped lunch and then grazed the rest of the day, so this is partly an ingrained habit.  Nowadays, I always eat a good lunch, but I still get hungry right around the time my children get home from school, and a small snack is a necessity as I run the gauntlet of soccer practice, art lessons, play dates, and homework.

Listed below are some of my snacking options; foods that are healthy and yummy and will keep me from gnawing on my own arm as the dinner hour approaches:

  • popcorn — This comes in two forms: 1) Newman’s Own Organics microwave popcorn (the non-buttery kind) and 2) pre-popped organic popcorn from Whole Foods with a hint of salt.
  • apples or other fruits– I sometimes pair this with a small piece of cheese.
  • almonds — roasted and unsalted, usually about 10-12.
  • wild rice cakes — I found some at Whole Foods that are just divine.
  • edamame (a.k.a. soybeans) — I buy the frozen shelled ones and cook them in the microwave with a smidgen of salt and a sliver of butter.
  • multigrain crackers and a small piece of cheese
  • chocolate — This is a desperation move.  If I’m really having one of THOSE days, I’ll allow myself a small square of dark chocolate, which usually satisfies the craving.

What about everyone else?  What do you snack on?


7 responses to “Snacks

  1. Cheese is always good. And apples. And pea pods. And yogurt. Guess I”m heavy on the dairy, eh?

  2. Mel, well you are from Wisconsin.

  3. I bake low-fat muffins and then freeze them individually, or I’ll have one cookie (again, homemade and frozen so I’ll only defrost one at a time), a slice of toast with pb, or I’ll share an apple or banana with the kids. I’m really trying to cut down on snacking though, I almost find that once I’ve started eating in the afternoon it’s harder to stop than if I hadn’t had a snack at all.

  4. I like:

    Home made fruit salad or salad. It takes so long to prepare that I end up making a heap to keep for dinner/dessert.

    Go gurt (those yoghurt tubes) frozen. They are like icecreams but they are only yoghurt. I will sit and suck on one for ages.

    Popcorn…with a little bit of popcorn sprinkle.

    Nuts from the hot nut bar. There is one of these near my work and if I want something to snack on I will buy some soy sticks, or savoury mix, mixed nuts etc.

    Home made smoothie, so easy in blender and yummy. I put low fat milk, yoghurt and a banana or berries. Good for a sweet craving.

    For a chocolate craving I will have hot chocolate or milo. Then I can control the amount of chocolate and sugar in it.

    Toasted ham and cheese on wholegrain bread.
    Or ham and tomato
    Or tomato and cheese

    I try not to have ‘quick and easy’ things lying around. Yesterday I heated myself a pie up. If that wasn’t in the freezer I would have made a sandwich or something….

    Or those horrible little packets of chips.

    Because I eat 3 or so…

  5. I have to snack. but that’s part of what works for me. I am super big on this whole wheat bread that I have found that has like five ingredients, is one point a slice, and very tasty. Toast is my friend. But I try to use alternatives to butter on it. Dijon mustard, yogurt, applesauce etc…

    Costco has these crazy freeze-dried fruit slices in packets… they are like a half a point each and SO GOOD!

    A handful of cold cereal, some died fruit (very sparingly, is high calorie), and beef jerky.

  6. I’m a big snacker, too, and your snack list sounds almost exactly like mine! (except sub bananas for apples, and I boil my edamame in their pods instead of microwaving the podless kind.) I also eat raw cashew nuts, because they have so much good stuff in them — mono-unsaturated fat, potassium, B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorous, selenium, folic acid, and copper.

    Strawberries and raspberries are also handy. My new favorite is roasted vegetables; I roast a bunch of squash, carrots, asparagus, red peppers, etc. in the oven on the weekend and then snack on them all week. Easy prep, and a healthy, tasty snack option.

  7. I just joined WW online on Friday, and today is my first day really doing it – I spent a good hour this morning thinking about snacks, so this post is awesome and really, really well-timed for me!

    I’ve never had edamame, but I think I might try it, and the roasted vegetables are a fantastic idea!

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